Bride/ What is the difference between traditional and air-brush make up?

Traditional makeup can be great for a day at the office, airbrush makeup offers a longer  finish and wear. Regular makeup tends to absorb into the skin. Airbrush makeup has a truly air like quality. It will not clog the pores the way makeup will. It looks fresh and stays satin all day long. It is water proof, tear proof and hug proof. 

Bride/ Of the 2 which one give me the best coverage and stay on the longest?


The Airbrush makeup will  last, up to 14 hours!! Regular makeup can not compare to that. Most traditional makeup are loaded with oil and SPF, which can be dulling and cause glare on camera. Airbrush makeup is SPF, which is an important thing to consider since titanium dioxide, it is great for your skin but bad for the camera. The ingredient is in most foundations.

Bride/  I don't normally wear a lot of make up, I am not comfortable with it.  Why should I have it done on my wedding day?  Can't I just do it myself?

You can have a makeup artist give you an amazing natural look to suit your very natural preference. There are a few reasons why you would want to have a makeup artist help you with your bridal look. One reason is it is a major stress release to know that a professional who knows what they are doing is focused on making you look your best. The products used should be camera friendly, it is almost impossible for you to know what will and won't work for the camera. Last off wear ablity. As the bride you have a long long day, focused on you! Professional makeup will not wear off as easily as yours.

Bride/  I have a scar/tattoo on my back, can you cover that?

Yes of course, we have so many brides with tattoo we can can cover anything. The best part is with the airbrush technique it will never budge, or come off on your amazing dress. 
Bride/ I have a large bridal party, how many people can you accomodate?  As many as you need! Our largest party up to date was 30. We also have bridal beauty assistants to make sure things are moving along!

Bride/  How long before the wedding do I have to confirm the amount of people needed for make up applications?

We generally try to accomodate, last minute changes, but we do not encourage it. We suggest letting artist know about any additions or subtractions at least 2 weeks before your wedding.
Bride/ Why is a trial important and how long before the wedding should I have it done?

The trial should be done any where from 2-6 months before the wedding. We usually do not suggest anything prior to 6 months, mainly because it is a large gap before your date. You may go through changes in your look, hair growth, lifestyle and hormonal changes. The main thing is giving your self enough time to make an educated decision, the last thing you want is to feel pressured in to making a last minute decision because of time.
Bride/ What is the cost of the trial?

 Trials are 100- 150.
Bride/  Is there is discount for larger wedding parties?

Yes we have amazing incentives fir large parties including a free makeup for mom and flower girls, just ask!
Bride/ My Mom wants to do her own make up for my wedding, how can I convince her a professional does a better job?

Educate her on airbrush makeup, better yet bring her along to your trial. If you are working with a Go Glam Beauty artist, we are always up for a quick test drive for Mom or a friend, to see what professional makeup is all about! 

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