Celebrate Your Culture With A Family Style Wedding Reception

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I can’t think of one single group of people that does not celebrate their holidays, special occasions or just the family getting together with a great meal. Food will always bring people together and make everyone happy. When it comes to your wedding reception your guests are expecting a wedding meal that consists of the usual chicken, fish or beef. Why not give them the unexpected wedding reception dinner with a family style meal with cuisine of your culture.

Family style wedding receptions are is a wedding trend that is taking off. Even formal weddings can go family style when done the right way. The key to family style wedding receptions is the presentation which in my opinion is the key to everything you do but that’s a topic for another day.

Instead of your guests choosing one, they can have a little of everything. Serving the cuisine of your culture or two cultures is a pleasant surprise your guests will enjoy. Don’t be afraid to go against tradition. Your guests will be happy for a change especially if it is delicious. Here are some helpful tips to an elegant family style wedding reception.

1) This concept may work best with a venue that allows outside catering. This way you can choose your own caterer and have more personal touches to your presentation and menu.

2) If you are having your wedding at a tradition venue like a banquet facility, you can always ask if this is possible. They may be able to accommodate you with small touches or create a menu just for you.

3) Even though you have more menu options, don’t get carried away with it. Too many choices will cause your tab to go up quickly. You want to have option but you are also keeping an eye on your wedding budget.

4) Be creative with your presentation. You can match your theme or your color palette with the china and glassware you choose. Rentals companies have so many options for you. From colored glassware to square serving trays to bamboo stemware. You can do a complete transformation or just a touch of a change. You have plenty of options so don’t be afraid to have fun.

5) Let your guests in on the dinner surprise with dinner menus. Leave them a note and let them know what their tummies have coming to them. Just because you are not having a tradition sit down dinner doesn’t mean menu cards are off the table (literally). You can

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