Hi Everyone,

I have been working studiously on my color forecast for about 3 weeks now, I am so pumped for it's release and have a REALLY EXCITING way of presenting the color direction! I'm hoping I'll be done next month, but it's a pretty extensive project.

I've picked up an extra project for designing wedding programs for the Cloninger-Wilson wedding. She's needing 150 of them, but she needs them by the 22nd of this month. So, I've estimated about a week turn over time. It's a tight deadline, but the majority of it is just type placement and since the design has already been established, it should be somewhat easy. It's funny how I always think it's going to be more simple than it really turns out to be. Then I'm up until 4am the morning before the deadline and think, I am such a tired idiot.

Presently I have been finished my business card project for Lucky You Films, LLC. They finished their movie, "The Last Passport" in 30 days for a budget of only $5,000.00. It's pretty incredible!

I had a great time doing their logo, I went old skool and decided to paint the rooster on canvas, then scanned it in and combined it with an illustrator line art version of a sunrise/film reel sunshine background. Their business cards were created from a special die-cut that I had made by a local company here in Charlotte. It has the typical square end and then the other end is a half circle. The paper used was the new and beautifully textured Neenah Paper, Eames Furniture Weave texture. It's only been out for a year and I jumped on it!

So, that's my life right now...things have slowed down slightly, but I feel overwhelmed because I have to get the following done. Have to, have to, have to!!!

1) Work on my Forecast

2) Photograph the wedding packages that I have done presently.

3) Price the wedding packages.

4) Publish/Sell on Etsy.

Those are my general thoughts right now...how is everyone else?

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Comment by Jennifer Johnston on July 3, 2009 at 7:16am
Thank you for sharing! Wow you are buring the candle! We are pretty quiet here at Johnston Photography, we started the business too late in the season and are looking to last minute brides! Next year I expect we will be fully booked and buring the candle along side of you!.... I cant wait to see your color trends! I will wait with bated breath!

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