What is the difference between Art and Ordinary?

Last Friday I sent my blog article to Pam DuVal at Promised Hearts Event Planning. She asked me to write about how I started to design wedding invitations and where I get my inspiration.

Unfortunately, wedding invitations are generally looked at as a way to set the tone for a wedding, I am strongly convinced that there is more that should be considered.

In my perspective, if a wedding invitation set is done right, it should be considered a keepsake. Isn't there merit in timeless design and the difference between art and ordinary?

Think about BridalTweet member: Karen Wall Garrison's work, yes, she portrays the tone of the wedding is through color, but it is the brush strokes that truly portray the romanticism and excitement of the event.

My Question to each of you is:

Think of how many run-of-the mill invitations you personally have thrown-out, which one's have you kept and why?

Here's how I view the invitation process, I would love to have some feedback: http://2promisedhearts.blogspot.com/

I received another request (just today) from Percy Sales Events to write an article about trends for wedding invitations. This will be so cool...I already have all of my trend research, I just need to define and funnel down the categories so they are relevant to wedding invitations.

If you are interested, the trend article will be posted next Friday to: http://networkedblogs.com/p7599750?ref=mf

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Comment by Rebecca Wellings Weddings on July 18, 2009 at 9:19pm
Hi Megan,
First of all congratulations on beginning your own business this year ! Loved reading your articles ,thanks so much for sharing .Your work shown on bridaltweet is very artistic and beautiful ! I am in Greensboro,NC so hope to meet you sometime in the future.
I agree about having passion and personal pride through out the creative process.I also agree about invitations being considered a work of art (I know I believe yours are) One bride wrote a review and stated about my work with her, "I was in love with and continue to be so in love with the ensemble that she and I created together that I plan to have those items framed together to serve as a keepsake." This was so gratifying to me .

Thanks again,
Susan Michael Bartlett
Rebecca Wellings Weddings

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