The never-ending side project: Trends in Color Forecast 2010/2011

So I decided to create a video.

Oh sure, what a breeze! I figured that people had seen enough "color inspiration boards." Why not create something different and fun! Alert the senses right!? Trends in Color Forecast 2010/2011 was born.

Phew! What a project...such a learning process. But that's ultimately what it turned out to be: a wonderful learning process. And I had to remind myself that a good part of the reason why I loved working for myself was for the expanse of learning new things and having the freedom to do it. To go for it. Because of that, it allows me to expand the possibilities for my invitation designs too.

Of course, one thing at a time...but there are some interesting options available to me now that weren't before. What seemed like endless nights working until 2am, sometimes 5:30am, (yikes! and yes it happened) were exhausting and frustrating, but when something finally clicked, it was like gold! It felt good, it felt good to push the brain to think harder, to learn new software and push past the point of despising a project, to again loving it, to hating it, to loving it...well, you get the idea.

So this never-ending side project has been fruitful, even if I get 0 views. It's one of those projects, and I'm sure we have all had one or two that we can think of, that drag on and on, but it's our persistence and passion that fuels the "going," when the "going gets tough."

If you would like to check out my video, please do! I would absolutely love some feedback! Download the color palette from my google blog:

I have six more videos that will be given a sneak peak to all of my Bridal Tweet friends. They will be posted on my Bridaltweet page under my videos category.

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Comment by Forever Friends on December 9, 2009 at 10:52am
Megan, it was worth all the endless nights. The video turned out great. Good luck with the rest.
Comment by Megan M. Battistella on December 9, 2009 at 12:18pm
Thanks Beth, that's so nice to hear :) There were lots of times I didn't think it was going to turn-out at all! lol :)

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