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TARA’S STORY – GOING FROM MISS TO MRS! – A True DIY Name Change Disaster!

Tara was a happy bride who decided to change her last name after marriage. She would “Do it herself” ! This is Tara’s story.

A Decision Based On What Knowledge?

Let’s look at Tara’s decision. On what was it based? Researching of the maiden name change process? An older family member’s opinion? What she read at an online bridal planning web site? In the world of DIY, bride last name change finds a place. The process in its self is DIY, as it is the responsibility of the bride to notify as to her maiden name change. This is true, whether hyphenating or assuming her husband’s last name. Marriage last name change is also DIY, in that it is the most acceptable way to a safer name change. Providing sensitive personal information to strangers is not a wise practice in this day of “Identity Theft”!

Tara Cries Help!

After marriage, there was still work, family, university classes and husband. Life was as busy as before, probably more so. Days morphed into weeks, and then months. Tara made the mistakes most women make. She thought that there is little to know about name change- she could look it up herself. After all, there were only a few people to notify, right? After all, some government agencies automatically tell others, right? After all, each entity to be notified needed about the same paperwork and had about the same criteria, right? After all, there wasn’t an order to name change notification, and no set timelines to follow. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong…..! Tara made many detrimental assumptions like these! In fact, it almost cost her much during an impending medical emergency!

You know, Tara rang The Name Change Kit For Brides software assistance line one day, crying, “Help!”- This was nearly 2 years after marriage, and she was pregnant with her first child. Literally in “Name Change Limbo”, or perhaps “Hell” or “Purgatory”, Tara needed to get her notification fully completed before the near birth of her child! Tara was officially a DIY Bride Name Change Disaster!

The Moral of The Story - Even a DIY Bride Needs Expert Assistance When It Comes To Marriage Name Change Protocol

In short, Tara was partially correct, for bride maiden name change is a DIY after marriage project. But, this is where it stops. It took 2 years for Tara to see the error of her early assumptions, and to get serious about properly completing her maiden name change. Help from experts became essential to her time, pocketbook, sanity, and to the avoidance of a medical emergency.

In reading this DIY Name Change Disaster article, be reminded that experts are needed in every DIY project. From changing a bathroom fixture to putting on a new roof, as with name change, experts supply the tools, instructions and other facts needed by a DIY’er to successfully tackle a project hands on.

For the DIY bride name change, technology, labor intensive criteria and procedures have made name change notification even more complicated than in Tara’s mother’s day. Hours of research, as to whom, what, when, where and how is needed. Computerized planning tools and forms filling are required for ease. Knowledge on the process of groom change of marital status notification is beyond elemental. Even knowledge previously researched can change, what about updates? The Name Change Kit For Brides software is what the DIY bride needs to successfully “hands on” complete her name change notification. If you are a DIY Disaster or don’t want to be, consider software system for a “Happy & Successful Name Change!”

The Information & Tools The DIY Bride Needs To Start & Finish Bride Maiden Name Change

The Name Change Kit For Brides software system is Federal, State & Locally specific. The software provides 32 pages of step-by-step instructions, name change forms, off line and on line name change planning tools, name change video tutorials, and a 1 800 telephone number to ask maiden name change questions. Also included is "change of marital status" form and instructions for the groom. A  blog is provided for updates as is  , and . Brides may order at  & Retailers at

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