Getting Your Name Change Wrong- A Wedding Professional & A Former Bride Messes Up Her Maiden Name Change!

February 25, 2011 - Woman Married 4 Years Still Has Not Correctly Changed Her Last Name

Not knowing what to do, and thinking that she could do it on her own, a local wedding professional still has not completed her last name change notification. After about four years of marriage, there is confusion amongst a number of government entities, and others, as to her legal last name. Sometimes, she is “hyphenated”, other times; her husband’s last name is her last name. Still worse, some groups don’t even know that she is married! You should hear her tell the story, so we hope to post her version of the “nightmare” soon.


The Name Change Kit For Brides experts, at a recent bridal show, saw it again…. Women not prepared for name change and change of marital status notification. Some brides not wanting to even think about it, others happy for the help, and still others thinking that they could figure it out on their own. In any event, as the name change helpers at  have stated, “consistency” in name change notification is essential. Life has a way of happening – medical, legal, financial emergencies are more complicated when this principle is not honoured. Don’t tackle maiden name change alone – consider our software for a CONSISTENT name change notification. Bride – to- be, it is in your best interest to let those who know maiden name change help you. From Miss To Mrs…. It is a Nightmare without it! Bride Maiden Name Change Made Quicker, Safer & Easier with The Name Change Kit For Brides.

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