Durable Custom Pre-Roll Joints Box Style With Inserts

Are you looking for a rigid and reliable box style from the custom boxes solution for the joint weeds? We have an accurate shape cardboard box style for tiny 110mm king-size pre-roll joints. We suggest keeping little pre-roll joints in cigarette shape or sleeve tray box style. You can also save a 600mm super natural pre-roll in the sleeve tray box. It’s easy to open and pull at the same time. Also, you can keep foam inserts to protect the tip from bending and pressing. These pre-roll boxes are available economical wholesale.

Steps we apply to convenience customers to buy your products through custom packaging:

Introduce weed joints with detailed descriptions:

Nowadays, cannabis is getting part of daily use because of its psychoactive and therapeutic effects on health. Most people are unmindful of the pros of using these carrier weeds. It’s very relaxing for improving mental health and mood. By writing details on the custom pre-roll joints box, you can convince people that it is the best way to consume THC through smoking. You can never do so this with a simple box style. You have to modify it so people can easily read, attract and think about buying. 

Apply matte/gloss lamination for a detailed description:

You can apply matte lamination on the pre-roll joint box surface. It helps to read the report with its smooth surface. It is ideal for custom packaging because it gives decency to the text for reading. Moreover, if you want the pre-roll joints box should be shiny, you can go with gloss lamination. It’s also easy to read with gloss lamination, but matte is ideal for serving long messages and information on the box.

Note: You can apply water or smudge-resistant aqueous coating on the pre-roll joints packaging.

Get outclass prints with intelligent printing machines:

We have one unique and high-speed printing method. These durable and reliable machines are ideal for custom box printing. Our offset printing machines accommodate up to six colours. Also, it is premier and ideal for high-quality prints at times. You can use digital printing machines if you have a small financial plan. It also has high resolution and is ideal for small orders. If you want impression-free options and bulk orders, use offset printing methods.

Sizzling designs with alluring colour schemes:

You must print colourful, eye-catching designs to urge people to use joint weeds. It’s the must-go part of manufacturing a box with an attractive design. We have a massive gallery of designs and ideas for the pre-roll joints box design. Also, we have dazzling and appealing CMYK and PMS colour schemes. These colour schemes are business-friendly for the desired format and outlines. PMS has all colours combos, but it’s a bit more lavish than the other one.

Extra attachments for the premium custom pre-roll joints packaging:

You must apply additional extensions for the elegant look on custom pre rolls packaging. Your brand logo shows the worth and value for the buyers. It works as a marketing tool for advertisement. If you examine famous brands like Gucci, channel, and breakout, their brand logos have add-ons on the box style. If they can, why not you? When people see your box with branded display, they will notice it.

Embossing and deposing on the brand name:

You can raise the company name and design with embossing. Also, you can press down the material with embossing. Both give a uber-cool and hot look to the logo and design. Also, you can add that it shines and spark with metallic coatings and gleaming foiling. These add-ons are not only marvellous in look but cheap in budget.






Spot UV


Silver foiling

Embossing, matte laminations



Gold foiling

Debossing or embossing

Your choice


Semi-gloss coating

Matte or gloss laminations with embossing

Must apply


Matte coating

Gloss laminations and embossing or debossing

Must apply

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