Easy, Elegant and Romantic Winter Vintage Wedding Ideas

Weddings during the winter season are romantic, elegant and a wonderful opportunity to step back in time with the glamorous beauty that Victorian weddings are known for. There are a lot of great options for planning a wedding during this season, and the process may become slightly overwhelming unless you have a plan in place. The following winter vintage wedding ideas will help you get on track and enjoy the planning process. Having this style of wedding makes choosing the color scheme easy. Classic black and white with a dash of pale pink or cream is stunning for this theme.


Vintage Wedding Gown

If you have a family heirloom wedding gown, this is the perfect opportunity to wear it in a traditional style. Should you have to purchase a new wedding dress, there are styles available to resemble the Victorian era gowns. For those on a budget, shopping consignment shops or second hand shops usually provides several choices in vintage wedding gowns. If you purchase a previously owned gown, it is important to try it on and inspect it for any damage. If there is a slight stain or small tear, determine if the dress can be repaired before purchasing.


Vintage Inspired Venues

Choosing the venue for a vintage wedding may require you to explore a few different places but, when you find the perfect place you will feel the romance as soon as you enter. There are several options for venues to consider, such as a local bed and breakfast, a quaint neighborhood inn, an arboretum, or your own back yard. If you fall in love with a venue that is not completely vintage in style, rather than trying to find a different location, keep in mind that with the right decorations and finishing touches the venue can become a classical paradise.


Wintery Bouquets

Traditional flowers look gorgeous in a vintage wedding bouquet and when used as part of the decorations for the ceremony and reception. Blooms such as snapdragons, chrysanthemums, roses and lilies are stunning when used in the bridal bouquet. Include flowers in the decorations by filling small jars with the same type of flower used in the bouquet. Tie a coordinating antique style ribbon around the jar and you have instant centerpieces.


Decorations and Favors

Decorations for a vintage inspired wedding should be more haphazard than matchy matchy. In fact the more unmatched items you have, such as serving dishes, the better the look will be. Use china with small floral designs and remember that all of the place settings do not have to match, as long as the concept is similar. The use of lace will provide a romantic feel. Gather a yard of white lace in the center of each table and top with a simple centerpiece, such as jars filled with vintage flowers. Wedding favors placed on the reception tables are a great way to present a gift to your guests and add to the decorations at the same time. Favors that work well for a vintage wedding include items such as miniature silver picture frames, lace hand fans and miniature bird cages.




Arrive and depart in style for the ceremony and the reception by renting either a vintage car or a horse and carriage. Either one will invoke a romantic feeling from the moment you step inside. If you do not know anyone with a vintage vehicle, there are companies that specialize in classic cars for rent. If you choose to travel by horse and carriage, they can often be rented by local farms.



You can find more ideas for this season in the <a href=”http://www.justweddings.org/shop-by-wedding-colors-season-theme/sho...”>Winter Wedding</a> shop at Just Weddings. For favors and decorations reminiscent of times gone by, browse through the Victorian & <a href=”http://www.justweddings.org/shop-by-wedding-colors-season-theme/sho...”>Vintage Wedding Theme</a> section. All products are hand-picked with love from the best names in weddings.


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