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Capturing the serenity and simplicity of the country can be difficult in a country western wedding theme. You want to still have that wedding elegance without coming off like a line dancing party. By integrating country western decorations slowly, you can create a wedding that captures the rustic nature of the Wild West with the elegant aura of a sophisticated wedding.


Flowers should be representative of the countryside. Use large sunflowers (real or fake) and place them in large vases throughout the reception. Use filler flowers such as daisies, hydrangeas and dahlias. To fill the empty space in your large vases you can use river rocks, sand or straw. Use  miniature watering cans to add a more country wedding flare to your centerpieces. If you are able to find cactus pieces, carefully place a few cacti in your floral arrangements for a desert feel.


Wedding favors should match the overall theme of the event itself. For a western wedding theme you will want to use fun, country-styled favors. Ensure your guests leave the reception knowing they just attended a real western wedding. Fill small burlap bags with flavored popcorn or even just kettle corn. Add a little fun and humor by giving out cowboy boot bubbles and decorating favors with horseshoe charms.


Invitations are one of the first things your guests will see and it will be their introduction to the western wedding. Purchase cardstock paper at your local craft store that has a worn material look to it and use that as your inspiration for your wedding invitations. Tie bows from strands of hay and even include mini horseshoes or cowboy boot confetti in your envelopes to finish off the presentation.


The way you decorate your wedding will ultimately determine if your western wedding theme is elegant or more casual country. Try to keep your decorations vintage. Picture yourself walking through a western museum or gift shop. Things are bound in warm colored leathers and accented with golds, pinks and yellows. Use that as your inspiration throughout your décor. Bales of hay can be both elegant and theme fitting when they are used correctly. Set bales of hay at entranceways and decorate them with flowers and any tulle you are using throughout the reception. Place two or three bales of hay per corner of the room and use bales to separate the dance floor from the eating area. Purchase mini bales of hay for place card holders.

Wedding Reception Table Decorations

The reception table decor is an essential part of how well your theme comes to life. Bring authenticity from the old west as well as modern elements to the way you decorate your tables. Rent pewter dishes for the plates and bowls. Rent or buy hand-blown crystal glasses and silver flatware from vintage shops. Bring a little color to the table by using a bright white, brown or red tablecloth and pair it with a cloth napkin that has stripes or dots in coordinating colors. Tie off napkins with wooden chalkboard tags to add a little playfulness as a final rustic country touch, and design your own table numbers with blackboard chalkboard signs.

For more western wedding ideas, head over to our Country and Western Wedding Theme shop at Just Weddings.org.

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Comment by Christine Dyer on June 3, 2011 at 8:54pm
And you can wear cowboy boots with your wedding dress!
Comment by Just Weddings on June 4, 2011 at 6:51pm

How could I forget? Here's a great pic for that idea:


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