Grooms Cake Ideas: How To Design a Cake That's All About Him


The grooms cake has been a long-standing tradition, especially in Southern weddings. While the wedding cake was meant to represent the bride, the grooms cake was meant to represent, well, the groom. These days, couples are moving back towards that tradition of having two cakes at the wedding. Paired up with an elegant wedding cake, there is another cake with the groom's personal interests in mind. Grooms cake ideas range from sports to hobbies to patterns, depending all on what his passions are. Often the groom's cake is a surprise that is given by the bride. As tradition would have it, the cake is actually meant to be the bride's gift to her future husband.



Sports are always a classic when it comes to the groom's cake. Many men love sports and most men have at least one sport they adore. A grooms cake idea can include designs that are fashioned after a particular sport. Hockey fans, for example, can have a sheet cake decorated like an ice hockey rink – players included! Football fans can have a football field with their favorite team's logo in the center and even a scoreboard on the side with the bride and groom as the names of the teams. Baseball fans can have a cake sculpted to look like a bat and baseball cap with tickets to the wedding sticking out. If the groom has a particular team he is a fan of, a grooms cake can be carved into a team's logo or even just use the team colors as the inspiration.



Some men are more into a hobby than a sport. Hobbies can include gaming to fishing to yard work. Depending on the groom, you will want to at least integrate a hobby as the theme or use it as the entire cake decoration. For example, for the man that loves to fish, a large 3-D cake sculpted like a fish coming out of water is a unique selection. For men that love to play video games, a grooms cake that is carved to look like an Xbox or Playstation, with the remote included, is another popular choice.



All About Him

Sometimes it is hard to select just one thing to fashion a cake after, especially if the groom has multiple favorites on his list. Create a two-tiered cake showcasing all of the favorites of the groom. For example, have one tier focus on his career or education, while the other tier focuses on hobbies, sporting teams or even just has a list of his favorite bands written right on the cake. The more personal touches you can add to your groom's cake, the more he'll love it.


Don't forget to add a fun cake topper that fits with the groom's personality or the theme of the cake too! Here are a few classic examples, or you can ask your cake designer to make one that matches the theme of the cake. 



Source for sports cake: The Hudson Cakery

Source for fish cake:Cakes VA


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Comment by Sandnames on August 26, 2011 at 6:23pm

These cakes are amazing ! I love the fish one and the hamburger one. Maybe you'll like these.

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