Engagement. How to prepare for the engagement shooting.


Engagement shooting is a story of your love and relationships. Engagement shooting is the best memory of how your love was born.This is a real story about your fillings: tender and romantic, bright and memorable, or, maybe even magical and sophisticated.

Every one searching it’s own love and often the history of seeking looks like a romantic novel. Therefore, when your love is already found, it would be wonderful to capture some stages of a romantic relationships.

Usually engagement shooting organizing   before the wedding. And on the wedding reception your guests could see the results. And, of course you will have the success. There is a lot of types and themes for engagement shooting. Usually I’m asking a couple about their first date, where it was, what they love to do together, which place prefer for rest…

How to prepare for shooting:

1. Choose a theme for shooting that suitable for you. Consider and discuss with me the scenario for shooting. Go to places where the shooting is planning to be. Think of something you love to do together. Hobbies, habits, favorite movie… it may require some preparation. Grab from home cute memorable things or something that is associated with your hobby…

2. After you have selected the major issues for shooting, you should proceed to the selection of wardrobe. Select only conformable to you staff  because one of the photoshooting secrets is to feel conformable yourself. It is advisable to bring a change of shoes and extra clothes just in case. Find matching outfits. It looks nice when you choosing matching color wardrobe. Please do not mix styles! Usually the best is to choose romantic wardrobe but only if you like it.

3. Openness and candour
What are your feelings for each other? Tenderness and fiery passion? Anyway all relationships is unique!  Do not hide your uniques!  Just be yourself. Dream, try, try to express yourself and forget about shyness! This will help you to understand your relationship and to underline  your couple uniqueness.

And a few more tips about how to look fresh,  free and naturally at the shooting:

• Try to sleep, this is the best way for your skin and eyes look fresh.
• Girls, please, do not’t try new cosmetics procedures before the shooting
• Do not make heavy make up, you have to look naturally
• Manicure should be neutral or matching with selected image and wardrobe
• Take the face powder

And most importantly — do not worry and do real. Shootings should be fun, and I will help you and tell you how and what to do for the best result.

Be yourself. The main thing is not to be afraid to do!

Love and be loved!

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