Planning a Valentine’s Day wedding?

What should be more romantic then to get married at Saint Valentine’s Day when all your love and commitment are concentrating all over your second half and million of couples are in love with each other. All the weddings on the February, 14th are always special and very colorful!

Here comes some of a few tips how to stage a Valentine’s Day themed wedding.

1. Early Planning

All venues at Valentine’s Day are always jump packed. As a matter of fact about 80% of them are booked around 1 year in advance. And it is not only about venues, – all event industry carriers such as artists and DJs, wedding planners and Musical Bands are very busy on the February, 14th. So be sure that you booked your favorite vendor in advance.

2. Wedding Dress

Traditionally Valentine’s colors are red and pink, that’s why you have to be sure that your wedding gown may or in some cases may not include some of the popular touches. In fact depending on your imagination you can choose red wedding gown and make your wedding very special!

3. Wedding Reception Decoration

It is obvious that wedding reception takes the biggest part of the wedding budget. Valentine’s Day wedding is not an exceptional. Red and White color combination is classical and look elegant and romantic. Also it is always a good idea to decorate ballroom with all-sized candles and certain thematical details.

4. Gifts for your guests

You can be confused when it comes to choose the gifts for all you guests. But Valentine’s days wedding is more then welcome with all kind of love symbols such as hearts. roses. angels and sweets.

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