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Your vows are what you say to take a solemn pledge. A solemn promise to perform an act, carry out an activity or behave in a given way. Your vows should be eminent of just that. What you FEEL, SAY and BE throughout your marriage.

It’s a bond between two people. You have the power to make your vows what you want. They should be words that you will commit to living each day from a conscious choice. If you don’t FEEL the words of your vows, than chances are you won’t live by them. Yes that’s harsh……but it’s the truth. 

You can choice to be conscious of your thoughts and actions or unconscious.  Living consciously will take you on a journey that is filled with prosperity, in all its forms. Living unconsciously will make you live from a place of fear and sorrow. Which do you want for your marriage?

I know firsthand about living an unconscious life and marriage, and especially at the time of my wedding ceremony. I remember standing at the altar and feeling nothing, looking into a vast amount of nothing. At the time, did I acknowledge this? No! Remember, I was a numb bride. I now understand that I was staring into my empty soul. I didn't feel anything. I just wanted the Pastor to be done so we could go to the reception to enjoy the dinner, and family & friends.

At the time of your Union I encourage you to feel those vows. This is when your marriage soul is awakening.

FEELING those Marriage Vows, is key. To help you, here is your Discover, Awaken & Strengthening tips to help you feel your vows when you are standing at the altar.

  • Soul Discover Tip: Take some time for your own soul to ponder the words of your vows that you will being hearing the pastor speak about. If you haven’t started a journal of your engagement journey this would be a good reason to start one. Check in with your body (your inner GPS that you are gifted with) on the words of your vows, that will be being said or that you are writing   What comes up for you?  The good, the bad, and the ugly. This is how you will get connected to what is really transforming for you at the time of your wedding ceremony, when your vows are exchanged.
  • Soul Awakening Tip: Speak with your fiancé about what your vows mean to him. How does he feel about them? Does he understand the richness behind saying the vows and feeling them?  Now be sure to pick the right time to bring this up in discussion with him or you most likely won’t get the dialog back and forth, like you want. And lastly, don’t criticize him for his thoughts. Go into the conversation with no attachments to a particular outcome and you will have better communication with him then if you do put a particular attachment to the way you think “it out to be”.
  • Soul Strengthening Tip: Now that you’re beautiful wedding has come and gone. Take time to journal once again about how you actually did feel during your wedding ceremony, and especially describe how you felt when saying your vows. Remember you have 5 senses. They are all part of your inner GPS. Don’t be vague, this may and can take some time, it’s not a race…it’s a journey!  Some day you might have a daughter that you can share this with. How enriching this will be for the two of you, and to help guide her into her new role as a wife.

Each phase carries its own weight to the growth of your journey, and the growth of your marriage soul. Enjoy the Journey!

As women we are energetic sponges for the people we surround ourselves with, so come on over to our Facebook page and share your soul discovery, your feelings on your vows.  For when you speak up it brings a new level of awareness to light that will help you explore deeper and deeper.

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