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3 Stages that Occur From the Popping the Big Question to standing at the Altar

Popping the Question? My next steps are what?

3 stages that occur from the time the ring slips on the finger to the moment you are at the altar.

  • Stage 1: Engagement
  • Stage 2: Wedding Planning
  • Stage 3: The Marriage

Make sense, right? You have probably seen these stages over and over as you have been around anyone getting married.

Over the years as a wedding planner I have seen couples who got engaged and jump right into the planning stages. As the planning would unfold I noticed a consistency between brides, the grooms and them as a couple.

Any idea on what the common thread is?

There was a lack of understanding of the transformation happening on the inside of them. I noticed this transformation would become enhanced, sometimes to an unhealthy level, with the shift happening to close family members and friends too. Yes friends too. Mainly the wedding party because they consist of your friends who are the closes to you in your life.

This inner transformation is known as a Life Right of Passage. It happens to all of us. During your life you will have experienced 7 major life right of passages.

When the inner transformation does not come into awareness consciously it will show up in many ways throughout each of the 3 stages.

The most common is arguing with people like parents, and girlfriends who are supposed to be helping you plan everything. When this becomes to the extreme, and is coming from the bride, they become known as a Bridezilla.
The second way I noticed it shows up is brides being numb to what is going on. They go with what everyone else wants.

Are you keeping your feelings to yourself and please everyone else with your wedding planning?

To help couples and especially brides, because this inner transformation is more impacted for them, I have created the 7 Steps from “Yes” to “I Do”. The 7 steps fall into the 3 stages that are commonly noticed visibly to all.

Would love to have you join us for the FREE Teleseminar on July 10th at 8:00 pm eastern time, click here to sign up!

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