Planning a wedding does not have to be a daunting task! You want the room, the event, and the activities to be perfect! Flowers can be very expensive, but you love the look and aroma of fresh florals. Well, do not stress - you can decorate with fresh florals even though you are on a fixed budget. Here are some ideas!

Crystal bowls full of floating blooms and candles are very ultra modern looking and make for a very pretty presentation. They are so easy to assemble! Pastel colors set the tone beautifully for a Spring wedding. Adding rose shaped candles in a variety of pastel colors will complement the arrangement perfectly. Set the centerpiece atop a mauve or ivory satin or lace runner and you have a beautiful display at an affordable price!

If you intend to use rose petals for the bridal aisle or sprinkled over the dance floor, it is much more affordable if you purchase the rose petals by the pound. By purchasing in this way, you have more options for utilizing them in your decor. You can use them as a complement to dessert tables, buffet and gift tables, and in many other ways.

Another centerpiece concept is placing a single floral in a bud vase surrounded by flickering votive candles to provide a stunning look. Votives are very inexpensive and you purchase them in bulk for uses in many different options. You can use them for decor at your engagement party, bridal shower and wedding. Candles are very elegant and sophisticated looking, and with the single bud vase arrangement, it is amazingly beautiful.

If you are decisively set on using a floral arrangement, then add textural filler to make a lean arrangement look more substantial. You can purchase a lesser amount of flowers and use the textural filler to make the bouquet look more full and lush. If you go with simple, low centerpieces then it will be less costly because they require fewer flowers and less labor. You can also cluster potted plants/herbs for a very eco-friendly look. They also make great centerpieces that can be given away ask door prizes at the end of the evening or to all the people who helped make your event special.

For a more "down-home country" appeal, using galvanized tin urns, distressed wood boxes, silver pails, or terra cotta pots filled with herbs such as mint, lavender or chamomile or annuals like zinnias and cosmos, will bring a fresh outdoorsy touch to a garden wedding. Using flowering branches such as bundles of cherry, dogwood, and apple blossoms in urns also make for a very chic look. A flowering arrangement of flowing branches costs around $250. The same size of mixed flowers could cost around $600. Therefore, you can see significant savings by utilizing flowering branches. It is a fabulous look! If you also remember to stay seasonal by ordering flowers that are in season that will keep the cost more in line with your budget.

Choosing simple arrangements are less expensive, there is less expertise needed, and it takes less time to create them. Staying clear of the holidays for your special event is a good idea because you pay a premium for blooms around the flower-giving holidays such as Valentines Day. So, don't sweat it - you can afford the florals if you keep these resourceful tips in mind. You can have a very elegant, chic, or trendy wedding and still keep within your budget!

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