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Furniture Fanatic: 3 Moving Methods To Minimize Damage

Moving in together after getting married is exciting and can also be stressful. You’re practically uprooting your entire life, putting it in the back of a van, and hauling it to an unfamiliar location. It gets even worse if you have valuable furniture that you don’t want to damage. Fortunately, there are ways to pack even the most delicate living room set that should keep everything intact.

Know How To Pack Furniture For A Move

You can avoid a lot of damage by simply knowing how to pack your furniture. Some people believe that all they need are large boxes and some packing tape, but that’s not going to cut it for your most valuable pieces. You should have bubble wrap, sealable plastic bags, covers for your sofas and mattresses, and corrugated cardboard sheets. Disassemble any furniture that can be disassembled, wrap all pieces individually with bubble wrap, place sofa and mattress covers where they need to be, and pack all of your smaller pieces in sealable plastic bags. When you pack things close together, use the corrugated cardboard sheets to keep them from rubbing against one another.

Have A Placement Plan For Your Moving Van

Knowing how to pack your furniture safely also applies to your moving van. Before you move any of your large furniture into a van or truck, place a wall of boxes in the very back. They should be stacked in a way that creates a stable wall that won’t fall over, and they shouldn’t contain anything too fragile.

Once you have your wall of boxes in place, set square furniture such as desks, tables, and dressers against it. You can also use any flat surfaces for more boxes as long as the boxes themselves are light and don’t contain anything that could mar a wooden surface.

Your mattresses should go in next. Placing them on their side against the wall of the van usually works well as long as nothing will cause them to fall. If you have to lay them on the floor of the van, place a blanket underneath them to keep them clean.

Upholstered items such as chairs and sofas should go in last as they need the most care. Secure them in place with rope, and don’t pack them near anything that could damage any cushions. Also, don’t forget your sofa and mattress covers.

Be Careful When Lifting And Carrying Furniture

Finally, you need to be careful whenever you lift and carry furniture. Always bend with your knees and not at your waist, and don’t lift anything by yourself if it looks too heavy. Use a dolly whenever you can to avoid carrying anything that you can drop, and keep a close eye on your surroundings. The last thing you want is to punch a hole in one of your new walls with a table leg.

There are a lot of adjustments that come with marriage, and learning to live together is a big one. Moving into a new home is difficult if you have a lot of heavy or valuable furniture. If you have any doubts in your ability to move your furniture safely, never hesitate to hire a professional moving company, like Bekins Van Lines Inc, to handle the heavy lifting. It may be a little more expensive, but the peace of mind it brings will be well worth it.

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