Getting Married Soon? 4 Ways to Find the Best Venue for Your Needs

The perfect wedding venue is one that meets the needs of the couple and that can easily accommodate all of your guests. As choosing the venue is one of the most important parts of wedding planning, make sure to start scouting out venues early. If you’re on the hunt for the right venue, consider the following tips:

Decide on Your Guest Count

Your guest count is one of the most important factors in determining what type of venue to choose. Regardless of how perfect a wedding venue may seem, if it can’t accommodate all your guests, it isn’t the right fit. Additionally, you should make sure that the wedding venue isn’t too large, causing you to lose money for what would otherwise be a small and intimate wedding.

Consider the Time of Year

In addition to the number of guests, the time of year should also be taken into consideration when choosing the right space for your wedding. As many wedding venues in Derry are only open during certain times of the year, such as summer or spring, you should thoroughly research each space before coming to a decision. Likewise, the most popular venues are often pre-booked well in advance and are always the busiest during the most popular wedding months. Take these factors into consideration as you determine what month will be best to hold your wedding and what venue will be better able to accommodate your needs.

Visit Potential Venues

Though booking a wedding ahead of time is a priority, it’s essential that you pay a visit to your wedding venue before selecting it. Ideally, you should visit around the same time as your wedding. This will help you gauge what the venue’s weather, traffic, and the atmosphere will be like during your actual wedding.

Review Your Budget

Since you have to choose your wedding venue very early on in the wedding planning process, making sure it fits into your budget will give you a better idea of what other expenses you’re able to cover for the rest of the wedding. As you go down your list of potential places, make sure that the venue you choose is one that you can afford. If it exceeds your budget, cross it off the list.

When looking for a wedding venue, don’t go overboard with the price. Many couples choose to have an inexpensive wedding in the backyards of the friends’ homes. This way, they can dedicate the rest of the budget to more pressing expenses.

The right venue can mean the difference between a dream wedding and a disaster. Be sure to keep these tips in mind when choosing your ideal wedding venue.

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