What to Do If You’re Moving Right After Your Wedding

When you are planning on moving after your wedding day, you must have specialized arrangements. Wedding planning and planning a move are both time-consuming tasks, so you should have written directions to make the process easier. Here are some of the tips from other couples who have had the same problem.

Rely on Friends and Relatives to Make the Entire Process Simpler

This is the time to rely on your relatives and friends for help because getting married and moving right away is stressful. In addition to hiring a professional wedding planner, you can delegate the wedding planning tasks to other people. One of the best ways to get help is to have a meeting with everyone and allow the relatives or friends to choose the things that they can help you with during the process.

Requesting Certain Types of Gifts on Your Wedding Day

When you are completing your gift registry for your wedding, think about how easy it will be to move certain items. If someone gives you a large or heavy item, then you will need to pay for moving it to a new destination. If you tell your wedding guests about needing to move right away, then the individuals may decide to mail your gifts to your new address so that you move easily.

Hire the Right Type of Moving Company

You should look for a moving company that can offer you advice for relocating right after a wedding. Long-distance New Jersey movers can wrap and pack your possessions carefully to prevent any damage. The moving technicians are also able to have the right packing materials for a wedding dress and gifts so that the items arrive in the best condition at your new home.

Rent a Climate-controlled Storage Unit

There are climate-controlled storage units that are located in numerous areas, and if you rent one of these, then you can store your things safely until your wedding day. During this time, you can stay with your friends or relatives so that you won’t need to worry about cleaning and preparing your current home for the moving process. You can have your items moved directly from the storage unit into a moving van so that you can relocate across the country as fast as possible.

Last, you should have your new home ready for moving in to make your life less hectic. You can hire a cleaning service to sanitize the home completely so that when the moving truck arrives, the technicians can unload your possessions quickly, and you can begin your married life together. Follow these tips to reduce the hassle you may experience if you’re moving right after you get married.

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