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Guide to Choosing the Right Jewelry Gift for your Anniversary

Anniversary Jewelry Gift

An anniversary gift can signify a lot of things and to pick the right one for your partner to celebrate the day that you said ‘I do’ can be taxing, to say the least. All you have to do is work on remembering the little things about your relationship and to the best of your ability personalize what you are going to give him or her.

Here are a few things you should probably keep in mind and a few others that will make this task a bit easier.

First and foremost, remember that a piece of jewelry can be expensive and elaborate, but it can also be touching and show your partner how much you love them. You don’t have to go big budget-wise, you could go with a simple engraved ring or a charm bracelet with charms that are special to you both and make a beautiful impression.

Cubic Zirconia Engraved Ring

You could also buy something that is practical for everyday wear, if your spouse is the kind who appreciates it.

Keep in mind what your marriage symbolizes, and add to your jewelry purchase just a little bit of tradition – maybe engraved lines of a poem, or a quote that personifies everything that your marriage means. If you want to go a little out of the box, you could even go with an inside joke that you share! Try and put your own spin into it.

You could go another way and focus on the small things that he or she likes – maybe a particular flower, an animal or a color and work around that by choosing a sculpted pendant or a colored gem.

Remember that if you are shopping for your husband, he may like a few pieces of jewelled items too – maybe a watch, a timepiece, cuff-links or even a new wedding band?

For the more landmark anniversaries, you could stick to something traditional and weave in something more individual – like a representation of one of your wedding vows maybe. Play around with ideas and think of what would make a bigger impact – after all you are the one who knows your spouse best.

Last but not the least is the easiest consideration of them all – a wish list. It may be overt or hidden, but there almost always is one and if you are good enough to picking up on the display case that she hung around in front of for a minute longer than usual or the time when he complained about his watch wearing out – you’ll know exactly what to get them. That paired with a little bit of what her style is and if he would prefer fine leather or gold will end up in perfection. You could also try and see what his or her wardrobe is missing – maybe a new dress she has that would look nice with new studs, or a shirt he has that need matching cuff-links?

You could also check in with her friends or his buddies – you may know your spouse really well but close friends can always shed light on certain details and add the finishing touch to how you express your care for the other.

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