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How We Can Impress Our Loved One With Pendent Jewelry

A jewelry gift for a loved one need to be super expensive or extravagant to be impressive – in fact the ones that matter the most in life are always the one with a thought that counts or a hidden meaning which you will cherish forever.

A piece of jewelry should reflect that you know your soul mate, all the way to their deepest darkest desires. The more you hunt for something that suits his or her disposition the more the pendant or earring will denote!

For example if you happen to be in a long distance relationship how about you incorporate into a charm necklace metal map motifs of the countries you both happen to be in. It’s cheesy and romantic but at the same time it stands out as unique and utterly personalized.

Latest jewel trends show tanzanite as one of the foremost loved gems in the United States, so if you’re lady is one for that extra color and sparkle then throw in a tanzanite gem!

It isn’t hard to be trendy and extravagant as well as thoughtful at the same time. Get her a tanzanite pendant with two charms – one a stunning tanzanite gemand the other an engraved metal disk. Engrave something which is meaningful to the both of you but it need not be intense – it could be her favorite movie dialogue, a joke you share or lyrics to a song!

In doubt about what to identify the pendant jewelry with? Commemorate an anniversary! Customized moon phase necklaces are ideal as an out of the box way to capture a specific date – the pendant represents the crescent of the moon on that day of the month.

Designer pendants of almost all shapes and sizes exist, but the trick is to find the one that fits the bill for you. Rough cut crystals bound or caged in metal wire for those of you who believe in crystal healing and metaphysical energies has its own raw beauty and when paired with his or her birthstone – which could be set in combination with your own – then it takes the gesture to a whole new level.

You could also always go for unique designer pendants like small metal books for the avid reader, CD shaped pendants for the movie buff, tiny sculpted scissors for the crafty one, a favorite animal or flower etc. Want to add just a touch of cheek to the gift – a clock pendant, wrist watch or pocket watch for someone who is always late, a compass on a link gold chain if the one you love tends to get lost often or a tiny fork and knife for the foodie of your life gives the gift that extra zing!

Naturally at the end of the day you know her best, so if you think she isn’t one to go for such jewelry then you can always stick to the ideal drop or round cut gems set in a pronged or bezel setting dangling from a fine metal link chain. Add a simple engraving in the back and the humble but gorgeous pendant becomes both casual daily-wear as well as a jewel of sentimental value!

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