How Capcatchers is Keeping The Wedding Business Green

We are thrilled that folks are taking the environment more seriously these days. But we didn't wait for conservation to become trendy before jumping on board! Here at, we've "gone green" for many years. Check out some of the ways we are working to ensure the longevity and health of our planet, and visit our green page for more info!

The Green Machine

The Capcatchers PV Solar Green Machine uses high-efficiency photo voltaic solar panels, each producing 230+ watts of CLEAN RENEWABLE ENERGY (zero carbon and no greenhouse gases.) It just doesn’t get any cleaner or any more renewable than solar energy.

This grid-connected system can be expected to meet almost all of our business’ electrical usage. And it is almost maintenance free, too (except for having to brush off the darn snow in the winter!)

Our Products and Materials

Our premier product – The Capcatcher Bottle Opener body – is made of wood that is locally grown and harvested here in New England, usually from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont forests.

The opener heads are made of steel that, to a large extent, is recycled from retired ships, automobiles and trucks and discarded appliances. (Same goes for the steel used to produce our buckets.) Furthermore, the Capcatcher and its steel opener head are not “disposable items”. They are built to last for generations and probably will.


Not from We feel that bulky and costly catalogs are a waste…a waste of perfectly good paper and a waste of all the resources that go in to making them and shipping them. They’re a serious disposal headache, too. And, let’s be honest, the cost of all these catalogs is passed on to you, the customer, in the price of the item that you purchase.

Our product catalog is online. Only. And this website is made with 100% recycled electrons! No trees were destroyed and no animals were harmed!

We do offer a small brochure to tell you about our products, and we’ll mail one to you upon request. But we’d rather email it to you and will offer that first as an alternative.

Packing Materials

As much as possible, we use shredded, clean, recycled newspaper and office paper for most of our packing material. You know all that junk mail that the post office delivers to all of us almost daily? We run ours through our industrial-strength shredder, fluff it up in industrial-strength “fluffer/tumbler” and use it for packing your orders. (Alas, shredded paper just doesn’t cut it for shipping glass orders so a portion of our packing material needs to be bubble wrap and Styrofoam packing peanuts).

Rush Processing

We offer a Rush Processing option to get your order on its way to you fast. How is this GREEN? Well, by paying a modest Rush Processing fee, you enable us to ship your order very quickly. In most cases, this allows your order to be shipped by fuel-efficient Ground Transportation, avoiding costly and environmentally unfriendly air shipments.

The Capcatcher Metal Recycling Machine?

Yup…no fooling. A Capcatcher Bottle Opener allows for easy collection of those metal caps for recycling. How many of us are really going to get ourselves to the recycle bin for one lousy bottle cap? But if you have a bunch of them in one handy spot (like a Capcatcher pouch), it’s a piece of cake. Just open your Capcatcher’s SnapFlap™ over the recycle bin and bask in the glory of being a “bottle cap recycler”.

The PLEASE Don't Laugh Department

Brace yourselves! Are you ready? COMPOSTING TOILET (there…we said it). One of the toilets in our offices is a Biolet Composting Toilet …a Swedish-built waterless, natural alternative that runs on our clean, photovoltaic solar power. And, as an extra-added bonus, the compost from this gizmo helps to fuel the flower gardens outside our office entrances. Ain’t that great?

Our Offices

…use natural light for most of the working day. When we recently renovated our building, we added a number of large 5’ x 5’ skylights and tripled the amount of natural light so, except on those dark days and in the dead of winter, we use little electrical power for illumination. And when we do…CFL’s of course.

Better yet, our offices use fans and flow-through ventilation for cooling. Not a single electricity-gulping air conditioner to be found here. And on those dog days of our New England summers when even the fans aren’t enough, we start early and quit early so everyone can head to the lake to cool off!

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