How to Incorporate Greenery and Flowers in Your Wedding Decor

When planning a wedding, many things run through your mind. Among them is the decoration, as this determines how elegant your day shall be. Poor decoration can spoil the entire event, while perfectly done adornment can make it the best day in your life. Today, event organizers have discovered different ways to beautify the tents, seats, and the walkway.

While a mixture of greeneries and flowers seem like an easy combination to pull off, you might need some expert input to make them gel flawlessly. Scroll down to discover ways where you can use these two to achieve glamorous wedding decor.

Create a Coating of Greenery on the Walkway

The wedding arches look amazing with a mixture of elegant flowers and greenery. The aisle will appear glamorous if you include a coat of greeneries covering the entire platform. What's more, experts from Russo's On The Bay have noted that this design can serve as a table garland, reducing your decoration budget significantly.

Incorporate Greenery and Flowers on the Tables

You can reduce the cost of your wedding budget by mixing flowers and vegetation on the table decoration. Complementary colors to make the stands attractive, especially at the high-table. You may want to consider the color used for the bridesmaid dresses in your decor so you can choose matching flowers.

A Mixture of Long Table Garland and Round Pieces is a Brilliant Idea

Space is one of the primary considerations when choosing wedding decor. You do not want to fill up your space with huge tables. It is better to mix roundtables with few farmhouse benches and a garland to create an admirable theme for your reception.

Use Greeneries to Decorate the Chairs for the Bride and Groom

Deciding to use greeneries for your wedding decor gives you a wide variety of options. While most individuals prefer using unique seats at the reception, using beautiful vegetation can help you achieve this objective. You can design a garland using greenery to make the chairs look kingly and queenly. You do not have to go for expensive options when you can utilize naturally available resources for this.

While planning a wedding can be overwhelming, there are simple ways to make the day memorable using flowers and greeneries. Most of them are budget-friendly and can blend with both modern and traditional themes. However, it's important to ensure that everything blends naturally.

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