Ways to Go Above and Beyond to Make Your Wedding Guests Comfortable

Your wedding day is all about showing your love and commitment to your spouse, but it should also be a fun time for your guests. You want to make sure that everyone coming to celebrate with you feels comfortable at your wedding. Below are some ideas you can use to make sure your guests will enjoy themselves at your wedding.

Give Your Guests All the Information They Need

Give your guests advanced notice on when you plan to get married. Give them all the information they need about where the ceremony and reception will be held and where you are registered so that they can start making plans. The farther in advance they know all of this, the more comfortable they will be coming to the wedding. Set up a website where they can check for updates.

Make Your Guests Comfortable With a Nice Gift

When your guests get to town, greet them with a nice gift. Have something sent up to their hotel rooms or visit with them a bit when they get there. Give them some bath and body products, candy, or wine. A nice little gift will help them get comfortable.

Set Up Transportation for Your Guests

A good way to make your guests comfortable is to set up transportation. When they ride the bus charter to the wedding or reception and back, they will feel at ease. It will keep your guests from worrying about traffic or getting lost.

Let Them Know How They Should Dress

Your guests will feel comfortable with how they are dressed if everyone else at the wedding is wearing similar clothes. Decide how casual or dressy of a wedding you want and let your guests know. Also, for an outdoor wedding, check the weather so that everyone will dress accordingly.

Have a Casual Reception to Make Everyone Comfortable

If you want to make sure your guests are feeling their best at the end of the day, then plan a casual reception. Take off your heels when you get on the dance floor. Have casual food for the meal and just enjoy the time talking with your guests and celebrating together.

Use these tips to make your guests feel comfortable at your wedding. Give them all the information you can as soon as you can, and that will be a good start. When you care about your guests and how they feel at your wedding, everyone will have a great time.

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