How to Pick the Ideal Indoor Venue for Your Wedding

One of the most common fears that brides and grooms have is getting unexpected weather during their big day. In fact, even if they spot it a week prior, it's sometimes too late or expensive to reorganize things. That is why so many opt-in for an indoor venue instead. But what exactly should you be looking for? Read on to learn details that you want to focus on when choosing an indoor venue for your wedding.

The Venue is Large Enough for Guest & Family

There's no doubt about it; determining how many people are going to be invited is one of the most difficult aspects of wedding planning. Now, add having to squeeze them into a small indoor venue, and it can be a downright nightmare. That is why the occupancy number should be something you must keep in mind when touring venues. For example, Russo's On The Bay venue holds up to 500+ guests. At 500, most people will have enough room to sit with their friends and families comfortably as well as other individuals such as security and entertainers.

Location, Location, Location

A common mistake made by brides and grooms is choosing a reception venue and wedding venue that are too far from each other. If guests feel like it's too out of the way, you may lose people along the way or even have people calling to get exact directions to the location. This can also be very difficult for older relatives who may need special assistance or guests who came within a taxi or used a ride-sharing company. Therefore, proximity from your wedding location is something that must always be taken into consideration.

Venue Safety Standards

Perhaps the most important area to concentrate on during your search is the safety standards of the venues you're touring. A venue that is following all local and state safety standards will have no problem demonstrating to you their safety procedures. But you also want to look at certain things on your own. For example, is their building handicap-friendly? Does the building look well-kept from the inside and outside? Finally, can you see clearly marked exits, and are they free of obstacles.

Planning a wedding can be extremely exciting yet difficult at the same time. One of those includes having to choose the perfect indoor venue for your big night. That is why it is imperative that you use the information above to form a strong foundation during your search.

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