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How to Pick the Ideal Indoor Venue for Your Wedding

One of the most common fears that brides and grooms have is getting unexpected weather during their big day. In fact, even if they spot it a week prior, it's sometimes too late or expensive to reorganize things. That is why so many opt-in for an indoor venue instead. But what exactly should you be looking for? Read on to learn details that you want to…


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For the Groom: How to Navigate Wedding Styles and Dress Expectations

Too often, we hear about everything that the bride has to go through to make their wedding day go off without a hitch. Although brides certainly have a lot to worry about, not much attention is given to the groom. Some may defend this by saying that they really have nothing to worry about but putting on a tuxedo. However, grooms may tell you that the…


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4 Top Tips for Easy Wedding Planning

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be such a stressful ordeal. By finding ways to make the process simpler, you’ll have more time and brainpower to devote to making all the important details right for your big day. You’ll do yourself a big favor by following these four tips to make your wedding planning easier to manage.

Get Your Guestlist…


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Getting Wedding Jitters? 4 Ways to Gain Confidence in Your Future

A bride getting cold feet before her wedding is a tale as old as time. Unfortunately, the fact that this is relatively normal may not do much to make you feel better. If you feel like you need more support to get over your wedding jitters, you may want to look into these four methods of gaining confidence in your future.

Talk to Your Partner's…


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Top Activities for You and Your Fiance When You Need a Break From Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be a lot of fun. However, it can get stressful at times. That is why it is important to take a break. There are many fun activities that you can do with your fiancé that will take your mind off of wedding planning.

Try a New Workout Class

Working out is a great way for you and your fiancé to alleviate stress. It…


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Top Tips for Weight Loss Before Your Wedding Day

With the wedding day just weeks away, it can be daunting to consider losing a few extra pounds. However, if you can't quite fit into the dress or you want to shed a few inches, losing weight before a wedding is possible. Read on for the most effective way to lose weight before a wedding.

Keep Track of What You’re Eating

One of the most…


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4 Places to Go to Brighten Your Look Before Your Wedding Day

Every couple wants to look their very best for their wedding day. Planning ahead is a great way to make sure you look beautiful when you say your vows. Here are four places brides and grooms can visit before the wedding to ensure a vibrant look and confident feeling on their special day.


When you have chronic acne issues,…


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4 Classic Locations for Outdoor Summer Weddings

There's nothing like the beauty and romance of an outdoor wedding in the summer. To truly capture the magic of an outdoor wedding, though, you've got to choose the perfect location. Since choosing an outdoor location is really only limited by your imagination, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. To help you save some time in your search,…


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Top Tricks for Pulling Together the Last Touches Before the Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is one day in a lifetime. Making this time special is important. Sometimes, it is the little things that make a huge difference. Ironing out the details way before your special day will make sure the event goes smooth as silk. Check out several helpful ideas below.

Make Big Purchases Early

Buying seat covers, napkins,…


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4 Investments for Future Romance When Getting Married

For most Americans, love and marriage go together. A whopping 93% of married people and 84% of the unmarried population cite love as a very important reason to get married. However, it's easy for the fairy tale to fade once the honeymoon is over and the stresses of career, children and daily life set in. Keeping those sparks alive takes effort and planning. If wedding bells are in your near future, read on to discover… Continue

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4 Great States for a Classy Modern Wedding

Are you planning a wedding? Do you know where you want to exchange the most important vows you will speak? Discover four amazing states where saying I do will be a memory you will cherish for life below.

California beaches offer exceptional photo opportunities

Everyone knows how the sandy shorelines and turquoise waters of the beach…


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What to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

The wedding venue you choose provides your wedding with its backdrop. As such, you want it to be beautiful as well as functional. If you’re just beginning the wedding-planning process, then you’ll want to address this element right away. The following list gives you an idea of some of the factors that will affect your choice of venue.



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4 Tips to Pull off a Magical Summer Wedding

It's normal to want a fairytale wedding. However, it can sometimes be hard to figure out ways to add a bit of magic in a nonmagical world. If you're looking to add something a little more fantastical to your wedding, try the four tips below. 

Reception Party Under the Stars

There are few things more magical than a starry night. If you…


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4 Steps to Setting up Your New Apartment after the Wedding

After your wedding, you are ready to begin your life as husband and wife. Your attention may immediately turn to the process of setting up a beautiful, comfortable home. Many young couples live in a small apartment for at least the first few years of their marriage. This may be to save money or simply because buying a home is not yet affordable or practical. Setting…


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5 Tips for Using Those Wedding Gift Cards Efficiently on Quality Items

Wedding gift cards have become the go-to gift item of choice for many gift-givers. This is especially true if the person giving you the gift card must send his/ her gift to you by mail. Gift cards are easy to ship and very flexible. For you as the gift recipient, getting these cards can be very welcome, indeed. They allow you to buy items that you might have left off…


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5 Tips for Successfully Meal Planning as a Newlywed Couple

One thing people have to figure out when they get married is how meals are going to be cooked inside the house. The following tips will help you plan your meals as a newlywed couple.

Decide on Responsibilities

One important thing to do as soon as you can decide who is…


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5 Major Wedding Details You Shouldn't Compromise on Quality

A wedding should be a glimpse of the personalities and tastes of the bride and groom. This means that each wedding should have a unique flair. No matter how the wedding is planned, a major outlay of money is almost always necessary. To keep costs lower, here are the top five items where quality really counts.

Premium Food

Hosting guests requires great…


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5 Details You Don't Want to Forget for Your Big Wedding Day

Wedding days are hectic for everyone involved. It can be easy to overlook small but important details that can make a big difference in the efficacy and smoothness of the wedding day. Here are 5 details you don’t want to forget for your big wedding day.

Menu Alternatives

Some of your guests may even have specific dietary restrictions that prevent them…


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4 Things You Should Renovate When Moving into a New House After the Wedding

You are moving into a new home and everything is exciting. There is a lot to be happy about, but you should still consider a few tweaks new homeowners usually make. The following are four renovations you should consider when you move into your new…


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5 Steps to Starting a New Life Together as a Married Couple

Congratulations! You’ve officially jumped over the broom and are now a part of a married couple! Now that the wedding is over, the real party begins. After all, you’ll get to spend the rest of your life with your favorite human being on the planet. If you’d like to keep that honeymoon glow and create a solid foundation for a healthy marriage, consider these five steps…


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