4 Investments for Future Romance When Getting Married

For most Americans, love and marriage go together. A whopping 93% of married people and 84% of the unmarried population cite love as a very important reason to get married. However, it's easy for the fairy tale to fade once the honeymoon is over and the stresses of career, children and daily life set in. Keeping those sparks alive takes effort and planning. If wedding bells are in your near future, read on to discover four ways to invest in future romance.

Add Spice to Your Bedroom

You probably found space for love wherever you could in your younger years, but most of your romantic evenings as a mature couple will happen in your own bedroom. Although a memory foam mattress is more comfortable than the backseat of a station wagon, the master suite can get boring after a few years. Spice up your bedroom and your relationship with sexy, sophisticated decor and keep your space private by making it off-limits to little ones.

Romantic Getaway Fund

Couples traditionally went on a honeymoon after tying the knot because it was assumed they wouldn't have another chance for an adult vacation until their children flew the nest. However, today's couples can and should schedule a romantic getaway every now and then. Use some of your wedding gift money to invest in a vacation fund and book a seaside resort or vacation condominium for rent whenever you need time to escape and reconnect.

Marriage Counseling

A few sessions with a marriage counselor can save a marriage on the rocks, but counseling can also make a great marriage even better. Don't wait until things are dark to consider counseling. Instead, consider it an important part of preventative care just like a checkup with your doctor.

Weekly Date Nights

Don't stop asking your spouse out for dinner and dancing just because you're married now. Dating is an integral part of romance whether you're a pair of courting teens or celebrating your golden anniversary. Make an effort to go on a date with your partner at least one night a week. If you can't get a sitter, a date night at home can be just as magical.
Remember, marriage is about much more than romance. Having a trustworthy partner you can count on to get through life's ups and downs is a greater gift than flowers. Romance will come and go throughout your relationship, but a solid foundation of love and companionship will keep your marriage strong.

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