Top Tricks for Pulling Together the Last Touches Before the Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is one day in a lifetime. Making this time special is important. Sometimes, it is the little things that make a huge difference. Ironing out the details way before your special day will make sure the event goes smooth as silk. Check out several helpful ideas below.

Make Big Purchases Early

Buying seat covers, napkins, matchbooks, favors, wine, and almost any gift before the wedding will save money. Plus, you will have less to worry about when the wedding nears. Your day will go the way you want, and there will be less searching for things that match or ideas that fit. No last-minute changes. The only downside is you may need a spare bedroom for all the decor. Remember to include some props to make photo time more fun.

Use a Checklist

Using a wedding checklist to make sure you do not forget anything is critical. Even if you have people you trust to cover the wedding and planning, it is important to put your two eyes on things like the cake topper, poses or backdrops for photos, flower colors, and clothing. You will never forgive yourself if you do not check it, so choose a date to pick out each of these things. Then, choose a day close to the wedding to make sure everything is ready to go to the venue.

Check With the Flowers a Day Before

While you should have made the flower order in as much advance time as possible, you’ll still want to check back with the flower delivery the day before the event. Make sure you are on the same page in terms of time and ensure that you haven’t made any changes to location or other specifications that you have failed to update the flower shop on. Make sure that you have the gear you need to preserve any flowers you want to before and after the event, and if possible, view the flowers yourself in case you need any last-minute adjustments.

Personal Notes

Help your guests feel special with a little message. Use seating envelopes and include a brief note for each person. There is no need to write a novel, especially if you have 200 guests. A one or two sentence greeting to show the person you care is best. Of course, this is best done by the bride and groom, but having that personal message really makes the event something to be shared with family and friends rather than being solely about the couple.

Making sure your day is beautiful and smooth can happen with the right planning. Keeping a list of alternate vendors is important, just in case the unthinkable happens. You never know when the babysitter for the nuptials will fall ill. Make the day more special with specialized settings, table markers, banners, or personal neon signs. Just be sure to double-check everything by using a list you can visually check off to make sure nothing important is out of place when the time comes to say your vows.

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