4 Great States for a Classy Modern Wedding

Are you planning a wedding? Do you know where you want to exchange the most important vows you will speak? Discover four amazing states where saying I do will be a memory you will cherish for life below.

California beaches offer exceptional photo opportunities

Everyone knows how the sandy shorelines and turquoise waters of the beach beckon visitors to California. What better place to walk down the aisle when this wedding is your dream? Daytime ocean views in California offer whale and dolphin sightings while night brings about fire ceremonies. Whether you want the exchange to happen outdoors or in, there are immaculate destinations like Muir beach where Victorian inns await. Another romantic place to honeymoon is in one of the bed and breakfasts in Mendocino.

New York is the heart of everything

Getting married in this state does not require a lengthy waiting period. After only 24 hours a couple can wed. From glitzy ballroom venues to cruises and zoo weddings, there are dozens of options for engaged couples to consider. Say your vows in Union Square, take a wedding cruise, sip wine at a reception on the pier, or celebrate wedded bliss at the Observatory.

Nevada is a stunning place for winter weddings

Besides the Las Vegas chapels and quick draw wedding ceremonies, there are gorgeous places for people planning a wedding in Nevada. Lake Tahoe is a spectacular place to visit in the winter. Reno, NV is just a short drive from the lake and offers plenty of places for a reception, bachelor party, or wedding shower. Another trending ceremony option is to say your vows in a hot air balloon.

Newlyweds can enjoy the Burning Man Festival or one of the other exciting events while on their honeymoon in Reno. To get the best wedding prices, saying your vows during the off-season can save thousands of dollars in costs. Do you want to know one unique yet modern way to marry?

New Jersey is full of hip and trendy places to tie the knot

New Jersey wedding venues range from quaint and cozy gardens to extravagant lodges and chapels. Whether a quiet family gathering is your style, or you want the whole world to hear your vows, this state has all this and more. Couples can marry at the spa, golf course, or a palace. You can dream big and go as grand as you want, or dial it down and stay romantic and cozy. As New Jersey is known as the Garden State, you can also find beautiful gardens of your favorite flowers for wedding photos and your reception. The choice is yours when you marry in New Jersey.

Beware of indecisiveness with these four states. With the vast array of options, it may be hard to narrow it down to one place. Take the time to consider what you want most out of your wedding, the environment, and venues, then pick your place based on your needs rather than the glamour of a place alone.

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