4 Steps to Setting up Your New Apartment after the Wedding

After your wedding, you are ready to begin your life as husband and wife. Your attention may immediately turn to the process of setting up a beautiful, comfortable home. Many young couples live in a small apartment for at least the first few years of their marriage. This may be to save money or simply because buying a home is not yet affordable or practical. Setting up a new home can be challenging regardless of the size of the space, but you may struggle even more because of the small size of an apartment. Use these tips to create a homelike space that you both will love spending time in.

Make Thoughtful Furniture Selections

You may have numerous furnishings that you both can introduce to your space, but you may also want or need to purchase a few additional pieces. For example, buying a new bedroom set is a common step that newlyweds take. Regardless of the type of furniture that you need or want to purchase, consider the dimensions of the space.

Compare the available space and the layout against your needs for seating, table space and more. You may be inclined to purchase nice furniture sets that you intend to have for years or even decades. However, until you get into a permanent home of your own, it makes sense to make more cost-conscious purchases.

Think Creatively about Storage Solutions

Storage spaces are usually limited in apartments. Some apartments provide you with the ability to lease a private storage closet or even a garage on the property, and this may help you with some of your storage concerns. However, there are items that you may want or need inside the apartment. For example, you both may have huge wardrobes, but closet space may be limited. Consider using creative solutions, such as shelving in the closets, storage containers underneath the bed and more. Remember to use hidden storage areas as well as vertical solutions to maximize the available space.

Blend Your Decorative Styles

In addition to being practical about storage and furniture, you also need to focus on style and décor. Some couples can seamlessly blend their decorative styles together, but others may struggle in this area. If you are challenged with decorating, spend time shopping for furniture and décor together to find pieces that you both agree on. You may even shop online to decrease the time and stress associated with shopping.

Add Personal Touches

Another important step is to incorporate personal elements in your design. For example, you both may have hobbies or personal interests, and you can add accents or features that showcase these in unique ways. Framed wedding pictures and pictures of your great memories while dating can be hung on the wall as well. You may be inclined to over-decorate. However, remember that choosing a few well-selected pieces can be more effective.

Your first apartment should be appealing and comfortable for both of you. Use these tips to create a beautiful, functional and welcoming space that you both love.

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Comment by Stephen Davison on September 27, 2018 at 5:50am

Your responsibility increases after your wedding and then you will decide to setup a beautiful home. Likewise, many newly married couple will start living in a small apartment to save money because they don't have budget to setup a new home. This blog will help all the newly married couple who struggle to buy an apartment. 

Comment by Crystal Crush Jewelry on September 28, 2018 at 8:35pm

Lovely article 

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