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How To Plan Your Dream Marriage Ceremony?

Wedding is a dream of every parent. A lot of planning, efforts and funds go into making your wedding day a success and memorizable. You can either follow the traditional wedding ceremony or can have your unique script for your big fat day. But we all know that to plan a great grand wedding is not just a one or two days plan, it takes even months of arrangements. 

The planning of your wedding starts from place i.e, indoor v/s outdoor destination, food and beverage menu, decoration, themes, lightning, dresses, photography, fun activities, games and much more. All these things need a lot of fundings. Hence, personal loan for wedding helps you to plan all these ceremonies in a pleasant way without any burden. Here are some of the prerequisites for planning a dream wedding ceremony.

Prerequisites Planning for A Dream Marriage Ceremony:

1. Dream wedding ceremony 

The very first step of planning a dream wedding is deciding the budget for the service. If your dream is a destination wedding, budget planning becomes most important. The bride and bridegroom outfits, venue for the wedding, guest list, wedding party and food, flowers, music, jewellery, etc. are necessary expenses. Destination wedding needs more funds for travelling, lodging and boarding, and food arrangement at some exotic destination. 


2. Budget planning for a dream wedding ceremony

To make dreams turn into reality, you need money. A dream wedding can be possible only at the expense of your savings or borrowings. If you are spending your savings, you are making a hole in your pocket. Your savings can be handy in case of emergencies like a critical medical problem or any other unforeseen event. Secondly, when you spend your savings, it will take a long time to earn it back. The excellent option is to borrow money. 

3. Funds for a dream wedding

You can borrow the money from a bank or an NBFC in the form of a loan. These lenders offer a variety of schemes from which you have to select the one that best suits you. One of the plans which are exclusive for meeting the wedding expenses is a Wedding or Marriage loan. 

4. Wedding loan 

A wedding loan is a personal loan for getting married. You avail this loan to meet the expenses of a dream wedding. Personal loan for marriage is an unsecured loan, with instant approval and quick funds disbursement. The investment comes with a lower interest rate, flexible tenure and pocket-friendly EMI.

Salient features of Wedding loans

Personal loan for marriage is a popular option to meet wedding expenses due to its salient features. Some of these are:

  • The personal marriage loan comes with highly competitive interest rates
  • You get the right loan amount which can cover most of the wedding expenses
  • Online application, processing, approval and disbursement of the loan amount 
  • Need for fewer documents makes the process hassle-free
  • Flexible tenure, ranging from 3 months to 3 years. 

How to avail a Wedding Loan?

There are many lenders who offer personal loan for marriage. One can avail for the loan in an easier way. Check out their offers online and compare each one. You can make use of the personal loan interest calculator, which is available on the website of the lender, to calculate EMI at different tenures and can make your selection accordingly.

Uses of personal loan for marriage

A wedding loan can come to multiple applications. An Indian wedding or any wedding anywhere is a costly affair. You can use your wedding loan for various purposes, like:

  • Printing of invitation cards
  • Outfits for bride and groom
  • Paying bills of caterers, music artists, wedding event planners and managers, photographers, other vendors, etc. 
  • Venue booking and its full payment
  • Flight tickets for a destination wedding or honeymoon
  • Paying for lodging and boarding for guests in hotels
  • For the services of dance directors and choreographers for Sangeet ceremony
  • Pre-wedding shoot at exotic locations
  • Transport facilities for guests and other family members


Very few things in life are more important than one's wedding. A grand ceremony in the presence of your near and dear ones make this day the most memorable. You can make all the planning and proceedings of this special event smoothly and effectively with funds from a personal loan for marriage. It is an attractive and affordable option for all. Marriage happens only in one person's life. Hence choosing the best destination and right arrangements plays a vital role.

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