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How To Plan Your Dream Marriage Ceremony?

Wedding is a dream of every parent. A lot of planning, efforts and funds go into making your wedding day a success and memorizable. You can either follow the traditional wedding ceremony or can have your unique script for your big fat day. But we all know that to plan a great…


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Why Use A Personal Loan to Fund A Wedding?

Most Indian weddings are a spectacle to behold. Lavish and spectacular in the display, these extravaganzas cost a lot of money and resources as Indians love to celebrate in style. Celebrations and parties marked by sumptuous food, costly drinks, a wide range of buffets and huge gatherings mark most marriages in most Indian families. 

Funding these big fat…


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Things To Consider Before Choosing A Destination Wedding Location

The Indian wedding market is one of the largest in the world with market size of $50 billion, and rightfully so. India has had a long history of opulent weddings. With more than half of India’s population under the age of 30, the wedding industry is set to grow at a CAGR of 25%-30%. Alongside grows India’s fashion industry at a CAGR of 20.2%. Related to each other strongly, both these sectors are expected to continue on such growth…


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5 Crucial Things That You Need To Know About Wedding Loan

The Indian wedding industry is considered the second largest in the world, second only to that of the US. This sector is on a robust growth spree of about 25-30% annually and is expected to reach a market size of approximately Rs. 45,000 Crore by 2020. Varying factors of a booming economy, an expanding middle-class base, etc. contributed substantially to this growth. On average, Indians spend about one-third of their life’s savings…


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What is the Importance of Wedding Planner in India?

When it comes to planning a wedding in India, the spectrum ranges from meticulous planning to intricately supervising the whole event. This not only takes up a significant amount of time but also put unnecessary stress on the bride’s or groom’s family. Besides, lack of experience at handling numerous new-age décor and add-ons can also lead to haphazard planning leading to disastrous circumstances.

Therefore, the…


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Fund your Dream Wedding Quickly with a Loan Against Property

Weddings in India are an elaborate affair. The wedding industry in India is estimated to be over Rs. 1 Lakh Crore, and an average person spends about a fifth of his/her lifetime income on their own wedding and/or that of their children.

Given the high expenses involved in Indian weddings, it is expected to put one under a lot of financial burden. Funding it…


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Unique and Creative Ideas for Wedding Décor Ideas in 2019

The wedding season may be some time away but if you are about to get hitched this year, you need to start planning right away. You could have been spending sleepless nights vividly visualizing the biggest day of your life and plotting about the general layout of the venue and its decor. Even if you are not creatively inclined, your friends and family members may have surely bombardded you with wedding decoration ideas.…


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Your Destination Wedding is No More a Dream with a Personal Loan

Colors, vibrancy, and glamour –the three key elements that make up a successful Indian wedding! Couple it up with an array of mouth-watering multi-cuisine delicacies; your marriage is all set.

Every bride or groom wishes to give their D-day that perfect scenic backdrop. Destination weddings are the theme for this season. So, if you reside in the subcontinent and are planning to tie your knot, then get ready to…


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7 Traditional Indian Makeup Styles for Brides

Weddings in India are much beyond ‘two people tying the knots’; these celebrations largely signify the rich traditions and the culture of a vividly diverse nation. The grand rituals and the regal brides stand testimony to this extravaganza.

So, as your wedding bells have rung, prep up to turn every head on the D-day with your stunning bridal look. While pink has become the new red (courtesy the celebs), you can…


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Getting Married? Here is How to Arrange Fund for Your Royal Wedding

The thought of a royal wedding at a special destination with the best of the arrangements, lavish food, a good photographer, and gorgeous outfits, is a dream seen by many. But hearing about the cost of such weddings will make us look at our bank accounts and savings. These things for a wedding can cost a lot and cannot be afforded by a middle-class person, with just his salary and savings as a financial backup. If the person falls short on the budget during…


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Top 5 Romantic Things To Do in Dubai

When it comes to doing something romantic, it is necessary to do it right so as not to end up upsetting your better half. So why not plan a romantic vacation at Dubai? Dubai is not just a desert city. It has a lot to offer and once you set foot in the city, you will be truly mesmerized looking at the tall towers and the beautiful cars. Here are the top 5 romantic things to do in…


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Buy Sarees With No Cost EMI And Save On Interest

Sarees make for the most versatile garments, which almost every woman can carry off in style. And with the variety of sarees available today, you can be lost for choice. One can now easily buy sarees with no cost EMI and save good money on interest costs or processing fees. You can easily buy designer sarees as well as printed sarees with an EMI…


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Pros and Cons of Taking a Marriage Loan

A Marriage Loan is an amount procured to meet the end to end expenses of a wedding. A Personal Loan can be taken to meet these requirements. Using up your entire savings for the big day may not be a good idea; you may not even have sufficient funds. Taking a loan is quick and easy but before you do so here’s what you…


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The Beginner's Guide To Weddings Loans

Marriage symbolises the beautiful union of two people who’ve made the decision to spend the rest of their life together. It’s one of those special events where there’s no holding back when it comes to spending money to make it as memorable as possible. However, with the inflation and rising costs, weddings have become a lot more expensive than before.

In a country like India, where weddings are a really big deal, a lot of people get disheartened due to financial restrictions. However,…


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