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Unique and Creative Ideas for Wedding Décor Ideas in 2019

The wedding season may be some time away but if you are about to get hitched this year, you need to start planning right away. You could have been spending sleepless nights vividly visualizing the biggest day of your life and plotting about the general layout of the venue and its decor. Even if you are not creatively inclined, your friends and family members may have surely bombardded you with wedding decoration ideas.

A traditional Indian wedding usually makes heavy use of floral decorations. On the other hand, a western themed one may use crepe paper streamers or other types of decoration. They may fire up your imagination and help you come up with some interesting and unique wedding decoration ideas of your own.

From the entrance to the stage, there are a number of ways in which you can decorate your wedding venue to turn it into a magical experience for your guests.

1) Entrance

The first thing that the incoming guests will notice is the venue’s entrance. Glance through any wedding decor brochure and you’ll find a range of options - arches, walkways or different kinds of floral motifs- to choose from. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for the classic standee announcing the name of the to-be-married couple, long flowing linen drapes for the arch frame interspersed with fairy lights.

If you’re looking for traditional decoration, go for lattice wooden arch frames with each rectangular intersection holding a synthetic diya. Cascading marigold strings layered to form an overhead floral chandelier on both sides of the entrance is also an excellent alternative.

2) Stage

From the minute the bridal couple enters the venue, the stage is the focal point of all eyes. From posing for photographs, raising a toast to receiving gifts, you’ll be spending a lot of time on stage. By using a range of light effects, eclectic drapes and upholstered chairs, you can create an aura of exclusivity around it. Let’s explore some stage decoration ideas for wedding.

Depending on the theme, go for classic velvet or brocade drapes covering the fringes of the stage. If the stage is adjacent to a tree, you can embellish it with long copper string LED lights of different shapes. Use muted lights behind the stage to create a synergistic effect that is visually captivating.

3) Buffet Area

After the traditional Bharat and sacred wedding rituals are over, the buffet will surely see more footfalls than any other place around the venue. With a little imagination, your buffet table can whet not just appetites but also the imagination of hundreds of your guests.

Use an organic carved centerpiece flanked by different types of ice sculptures and an artificial waterfall to present the perfect backdrop for the spread of delicacies laid out for your guests. If you prefer a nature-inspired theme, go for tall wrought iron stands decked with fresh flowers and creeper plants. Add a touch of elegance by placing replicas of butterflies and birds at various locations for an earthy look.

4) Souvenirs

While you would go to great lengths to ensure that your guests enjoy themselves at your wedding, a souvenir can give them something to cherish its memory. The least expensive of the lot, souvenirs can range from something as exotic as gift baskets and scented candles for a select audience to key chains, in case of large groups. You can also opt for engraved paperweights or wooden pen holders if your budget allows.

If you prefer Eco-friendly or organic products, you can even choose drawstring bags made of hemp as a gifting option. You can draw inspiration from festivals and seasons to help you determine the choice of souvenir. A practical gift is always more appealing than one that has purely aesthetic value.

With these wedding decoration tips, you can surely make the best day of your life a memorable one for others as well. You can choose the finest venue, most exotic cuisines, and the best decorators of your town with a Personal Loan for Wedding by Bajaj Finserv. You can submit your loan application form and get it approved instantly.

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