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Keeping My Wedding Costs to a Minimum...

Let’s face it, weddings are really quite expensive. I, for one, have struggles to come up with a realistic budget. One that allows me to have all of those little things that I want while also not hurtling me and my fiance into debt! We all want a fairy tale wedding, but not at the expense of financial stability. That is why I have decided to share some of the things that I will be doing to keep the costs down when I get married! Take a little look below!

Online Deals and Discounts

There are so many places that you can get reductions online! I am planning on really exploring the world wide web to get the best deals on my dress, decorations, car hire, accomodation and even food! Discount Promo Codes is a tried and true favourite of mine, but I will be checking in as many different places as I can!

Making Decorations

My wedding is actually quite a while away, but I have already begun compiling some bits and pieces to make my wedding decorations! Better yet? The kids are getting involved too! Here are some of the things that I am making:

  • Jam Jar Lights: I have begun collecting jam jars! Not only that, but I have asked all of my friends and family to collect jam jars for me too! I plan on cleaning them up and even painting a few to give my wedding that super romantic feel!
  • My Own Balloons: That's right, i’ll be running out of puff by crafting my very own balloon arches! A friend even mentioned dipping balloons in gold or silver paint for a super glamorous look!
  • Photo Bunting: I’ll be crafting my very own bunting for my wedding! With the wedding being in summer, we’ll most likely spend a good portion of time outside, and what cuter way to show off my new marriage than with personalised bunting?

Keeping the Guest List Down

As much as I would love to host a party for all of the people that I know to enjoy, I can't afford to! I’ll only be inviting my nearest and dearest to my wedding! This was a natural course to take for me though, I don't really want people that are but acquaintances at my wedding. This, of course, will help to keep the costs down as well!

Using Supermarket Self-Catering!

I am not going to lie, you can get some really great food from the supermarket! My mother and sister have both offered to help make the horderves, which will save me a lot of money on hiring in the caterers! There will be a meal, but the starters and alcohol will be paid for by me separately. That way I can buy bulk and cheap!

Cheaper Bands and Local Young People

I have already begun my hunt for the perfect band and musician for my wedding! I think the most important thing is that they can do a variety of songs, and most young people (in college and university) are surprisingly great at putting on a show! That’s where i’ll be looking for my musician!

These are some of the money saving options that i’ll be using to keep my wedding costs down. I’ll be using vouchers, making decorations, self-catering and getting a young band in. I’ll also be asking for help with wedding costs rather that gifts, as well as checking the sale lines for my dress and hiring in a friend of the family as a photographer! What will you be doing to save some extra pennies on your wedding?

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