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The Post Wedding Party: Preparing For Your Honeymoon

If you are getting married soon then we all know what that means: a honeymoon! Sometimes it can feel like you spend so much time planning in a wedding that you totally forget about the amazing break that you get to have afterwards! Planning a wedding and a holiday at the same time really can be a lot to take on, but having the perfect time at both will make it worthwhile. Here are a few of my top tips for planning a wonderfully unforgettable honeymoon!

Where will you be going?

Make sure that you decide well in advance where it is that you are going. By booking the hotel and flights well before you go, you will be allowing yourself one less pressure during the busy wedding planning period. You can tick them off your list right away and continue to plan the big day!

Watching those finances

If you, like many of us, will be planning a wedding at the same time as planning your honeymoon then you will need to plan a budget. It can be all too easy to go over budget during this process, and I don't mean by a couple of pounds either! Make sure that you are always keeping your eyes open for any deals that may be on offer. I am planning to use My Favourite Voucher Codes for my honeymoon booking!

Planning somewhere for the both of you

Make sure, as you plan the location that you want to go to, that you are planning a honeymoon that is for both of you. If you love the heat but your partner loves the cold then try to go somewhere that caters for the both of you. Alternatively, you could also try doing a stop over and head to two locations instead! This means that you will both get the honeymoon that you really want, without having to sacrifice anything.

Booking in some activities

By booking some activities in for while you are away, you will reduce the risk of spending the entire week (or three!) attached to a single sun bed. This is your first few weeks as a married couple so make sure that you make the most of it! Head out to play sports, go to romantic bars, get massages and spend lots of time doing things together. Memories won't be made sat on the same sunbed all week! So plan in some activities! You could even plan something a little more adventurous. Just some examples include treks, surfing, boating, climbing local mountains or even some bungee jumping!

Take loads of photos

Make sure that you take as many photos as you can! These are the times that you will be wanting to tell your grandchildren about, so make sure that you have a good record of the fun that you have! Memories are fallible, photographs are not. So take those pictures and save those memories forever!

Don’t forget the lingerie

You heard me right! While you may not want to go too wild, heading out on a honeymoon is traditionally a time for letting loose and having some fun. So treat yourself to something a little sexy from Ann Summers and have yourself a honeymoon to remember!

Be soppy and romantic

Ultimately, your honeymoon is a time for you and your partner to be totally sappy and romantic! You are out of work, away from your friends and spending time just the two of you. So don't hold back! You don't know when you will get intimate time like this again! So go ahead, bathe in how much you love one another, express your feelings for one another and be the super soppy married couple that you know you are!

There are so many things to think about when you are planning a honeymoon, and these are just a few of my top tips for making the most of it! Ultimately, it is all about spending time with the person that you love. So make sure you enjoy the process and soak up the first week of married life together!

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