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We’re into full-blown Summer now and I have spent the past few Sundays laying by the pool, hoping to get a bronze glow.  With hours of soaking up the sun behind me and only a faint tan line, I am discouraged, as I am sure my other fair-skinned friends are as well.  Feeling desperate to look kissed by the sun, I went searching for faux tanning options which left my head spinning: mousse, mists, gels, towelettes, sprays and creams.   I’ve done some research to cut through the clutter and thought I’d share.

1) Self-Tanning Towelettes

Sephora sells self-tanning towelettes called “Tan Towels” for about $25 a box.  The towelettes are saturated with self-tanner and go on smoothly and evenly by rubbing the towelette over your skin.  Application is easy and leaves no streaks.  The product is fairly inexpensive compared to its competitors and leaves no orange glow.  The only downfall is that the tan is not instant.  The desired tan may take 3-4 applications.

2) Self-Tanning Mousse

Also sold at Sephora, the St. Tropez Self-Tan is a self-tanning mousse.  Based on the reviews, it smells great, goes on in 60 seconds and can be used on your entire body.  A fair reviewer said it wasn’t overpowering at all on her fair complexion and she even used it on her face.  Down side?  Only lasts 2-3 days if you are an active person.  The mousse is $40.

3) Self-Tanning Mists and Sprays

The most popular I’ve found are the Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist by Sephora ($14) and ModelCo Tan Airbrush in a Can ($42).  The sprays and mists are probably the easiest to apply and go on the smoothest if applied by a steady hand.  You can also get hard to reach areas like your back, without help.  If you are going for this option, make sure the one you buy is able to spray 360 degrees for easy application.  A tip- spray yourself in the shower with the curtain closed to avoid a mess.

4) The Professionals

If you’d rather leave your beach glow in a professional’s hands, I would suggest you go with Bronzed Berry.  They are a local company that will come to your house and pop a spray tanning tent in your living room.  They can give you a custom tan with the shade of your choice.  Bronzed Berry will do several people at a time too so if you’d like to throw a spray tanning party for your friends, the price is $25 a tan if you have at least 6 people!  Compared to other custom spray tanning, especially companies that come to your home, this is a great price!

Whatever you choose, you are capable of getting a beautiful tan.

Happy tanning and stay fab!


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