Love is such a simple thing when its right when you can wake up in the morning and know that you are loved by another human being. Not just loved but well frankly liked and wanted and needed. Sometimes we as humans mistake love to be all that we need but as we go through life we find that not only is that important but having a wonderful friend in life one that we can share our ups and downs with, our most wonderful dreams and perhaps as time goes on even the dreadful secrets we keep. And you know whats great about that is that if the person doesnt run away then this one is a keeper. India Arie has a wonderful song entitled "He heals me" and in one of the lines she says "I told him my biggest secret and he told me four he smiled at me and said that makes me love you more" imagine having that man or woman who is able to do that and trust you implicitly who is able to take that secret no matter how bad it is and store it away and never speak of it again and better yet he/she is able to open up to you and tell you theirs. If ever such love exist im sure each and everyone of us either is experiencing that right now, will experience it or is hoping to. Simplicity in love, effortless when the mere mention of his/her name brings a smile to your lips. You know you are in love then and its that true love when you catch yourself doing the weirdest things, and you know what I mean giggling (in front of them) smiling for no appearant reason couting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds till you see them again. In time we all hope to finally feel that feeling that you can't describe to anyone else. Love, friendship, trust, communication simple simple equation adds up to finding that one true love.

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