It's about time to check in with our featured bride in her planning phase. 1 month has flown by and probably even more for Britta the Bride than us the readers! I am anxious as I am sure you are to hear what progress she has made...
Q: Buon giorno Britta...How's life?
A: Great!
Q: So... my burning question is... have you decided on a date yet? I need to get a plane ticket!
A: Yes! So exciting and a huge relief to check that off the list. We're getting married on September 17, 2011 at a good friend's winery in Sonoma, California. Not only is it the time of year we wanted, its at a very special place that we have a personal connection to. We are thrilled.
Q: WOW! congratulations! and now what? What seem to be the next priorities to check off on your list?
A: Booking hotel rooms, determining how much caterers will cost and defining our budget.
Q: Ahhh yes...budget..the fun part. I am sure food is a critical part of your wedding;) Good taste! Have you thought about who you would like for a photographer, or how you are going to choose him or her?
A: No idea, I guess ask around to friends who have been married in wine country. Funny story, our downstairs neighbor is actually a photographer but she is just about to haver her 2nd child so is out of commission for the next few months. I may ask to see her work or if she has any recos. She's lovely, and Australian which is a connector for Gav and I since we both lived in Sydney for a year at different times in our lives and Australia holds a very special place in both of our hearts.
Q: Seems like it is important to base your decisions on their symbolism and meaning that they have to you two... have you thought at all about the kind of music you'll choose?
A: Well, we really want this french quartet called the Baguette Quartet. How fun would that be, who doesn't love a little accordian action while walking down the aisle. Couldn't be more me. And for the reception, we'll probably have a dj. Haven't gotten that far yet.
Q: Just come to Italy for a little bit of accordian! Just kidding...sounds magical and unique! By the way are you having a religious ceremony?
A: No, I am not religious and Gav is not really either. I feel it would be offensive for me to pretend I am on this important event. I just want a great officiant who knows us and will be a smooth and genuine talker, without bringing God into the mix.
Q: Is there anything GREEN (meaning eco friendly) that you would like to incorporate in your wedding?
A: Yes to some degree. We want dahlias as our flowers and they are native to Sonoma and in season at that time of year. Caterer will be from Sonoma sourcing local products, and as a party favor we're talking either Sonoma honey or lavendar from a local farm. We have simple taste and less is really more.
Q: On a more personal note... does wedding planning seem to be consuming all your time and conversations or does it still all seem so far away for you?
A: It has been a gradual progression. A friend of mine made a good point that lots of people get engaged over the Holidays and since we kept finding that our dates were open at most places, I didn't want to risk losing them. It was a mutual decision to decide by Thanksgiving, and great success - we did! Now we need to book hotel rooms and get quotes from caterers, this will happen this month and then come the new year (wow is it here already?) we will start with the fun stuff like invitations, design, website, etc.
Q: That is a good point. I suppose it is never too early these days to go ahead and book what you are sure you want... so tell me... do you feel like your relationship has changed with your fiancè based on the fact that you live together and realize that you are going to tie the knot soon?
A: Considering what a huge step it is, it has actually been the smoothest transition thus far in my life. Gavin and I have been together a long time and we are fundamentally compatible, so we like being around each other all the time. We are both very busy people, whether it be work obligations or social ones, and knowing we can come home and see each other (even if the other is asleep) is comforting.
awwwwwww....and on that note I'll let you enjoy your time with your future husband..thanks britta and we'll talk to you soon!

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