What could be a better gift than getting married to the man you love and having all your loved ones around you in a cozy mountain cabin atmosphere in our Alps! This couple chose the magical setting of Limone Piemonte...

It all started when a very sweet girl calls Monia, on the borderline of a nervous breakdown because she has the dream of having a wedding in Limone, on the snow, a week before Christmas...an original and romantic setting... I'd say not expecting much..eh?!

But what a wonderful challenge for Monia to plan and design everything with this bride!

And best of all, it is the first"MATRIMONIO DIVINO"branded wedding!

So, Stile Divino Travel was immediately contacted for the destination and Monia got right to work for the planning.

After a couple days Monia met Federica - who lives in Genova- right there on the slopes, but she wasn't there for skiing, but there to see where and how to execute this wedding and make her dream come true!





After getting to know Federica, and her passionate way of talking about her "AMORE" and dreams, our wedding planners fell in love with this girl and her ideas...almost feeling like they were childhood friends. An experience which can not be repeated!

Of course there were some problems to face.. and it is part of a wedding planner's job to solve them, but this time it seemed like everything was against this wedding... to the point where one day Federica, on the phone, who is never discouraged, in tears, with desperation in her heart asked if all these mishaps which were arising were only a bad dream...that she shouldn't get married! NO WAY!

A love as big as this couple's could not be stopped by anything...and so, after two months of planning, purchasing and renting for this grand moment, we decided to change everything or rather almost everything and realize that planning "A WEDDING IS A JOB!"..but there was one mystery which was out of our control...the snow!

And we can reassure you that at 1400 mt., on the ski slope, it can truly be problematic...

... but with good luck for a change, as the forecasts called for, we had a splendid sunny day! I must say cold however...no extremely COLD...reaching a temperature of 12 BELOW! brrrrrrr...

We are sure you wanted to see some photos but the whole story will come out in the January edition of VIEW SPOSA Italian Magazine..here is just an idea of the story...

This bride had asked for an elegant decor, unusual and very romantic, and therefore we abandoned the idea of RED, for Christmas, typical of the holiday season and went with warmer tones of elegant white, chocolate, hazelnuts together with sage greens and mauves. The main theme was to develop the colors in a decorated setting in flowers, with fur and wool details.

So here is just a taste....







there will be more to comesoon...

and lastly we thankGualtiero Tesi for his floral compositions and ideas, full of class and diversity in every event!





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