Major advantages and disadvantages of weekend weddings

Pros and Cons of Weekend Weddings

A wedding is no less than an extravagant gala. We do not let any stone unturned to make our wedding perfect.

We take care of each factor to be fulfilled with utmost perfection, whether it's our unique designs of wedding invitations of a suitable wedding venue.

All these preparations start as soon as one gets engaged. The journey from engagement to a wedding is, on the one hand, it is quite romantic while on the other hand it is also very tiresome as you have to make everything perfect, and you have to make lots of wedding planning.

As soon as you get engaged one of the biggest responsibilities that you have to fulfill is to select the perfect date of the wedding. While you are reading this, it may seem easy for you, but on the contrary, setting a wedding date is quite a tricky task.

When you amidst the process of deciding a final date for the wedding there’s one important question that might arise in your mind and it is, whether to host your wedding at the time of holiday weekend or not? Now comes another important question, and it is to decide if holding a wedding date during the holiday weekend would be a good idea.

Many people have their own ideas. Some people go for the notion while many go against the notion of holiday weekend weddings. If you are also facing such issues, then worry not, we have jumbled some major pros and cons of holiday weekend weddings, so that you may take the decision wisely.

Benefits of Holiday weekend weddings

More family time
A wedding is a time when all your close friends and all family members come together. Weddings often take a toll on everyone’s health, and it is the most bustling time when you have to take care of everything. But on the other hand, it is the time when getting a chance to spend some quality time friends and family.

At the time weekend weddings, all your closest friends and family gathered under one roof, otherwise, it is nearly impossible to interact with them casually. When you pull the holiday weekend wedding you would be lucky enough to spend quality time with people who are closest to it.

Better wedding venue availability

Another benefit of pulling a holiday weekend wedding is the easy availability of the wedding venues. If you have planned for holiday wedding venue ideas, this is the time of finalizing the same.

There are several holiday weekend comes during a year on events such as Labour Day, Memorial Day and etc. During this time, there are higher chances of easy availability of wedding venues.

Easy availability of vendors

Along with wedding venues, you also get better availability during holiday weekends. A wedding is the collective effort of different kinds of vendors that works hard to make your dream wedding comes true.

So, when the time of holiday weekend wedding comes, and you have any vendor of your choice in your mind, it is the right time to have them on board. Be it photographers, music band, DJ, florist or caterer, nab them during holiday weekend wedding at an affordable price.


The arrangement of weddings is huge, it requires a huge amount of money to arrange all major affairs. But when it comes to holiday weekend weddings, it would save a lot of money for your guests, as it would save a PTO day.

In this manner, your guests would happily take time out of their schedule for your big day without compromising with the holiday. Holiday weekend planning ideas would be a win-win situation for both, you and your guests.

Disadvantages of Holiday weekend weddings

Guests might get inconvenient

The trend for weekend holiday weddings is increasing at a rapid pace. With so many advantages mentioned above, it likely that every about to wed couples organize their wedding during the holiday weekend.

Due to this, hosting a weekend wedding may cause scheduling conflicts with some of your guests.

There is no doubt that the planning holiday weekend wedding is a huge financial advantage for you and your loved one, but on the other hand, it also requires your time to take time off work.

Expensive travel

Having a holiday weekend wedding might prove beneficial in any sense, but when it comes to traveling, it would prove a bit expensive affair. When you have a holiday weekend wedding, the chances of traveling during the holiday becomes princelier.

Traveling during the holiday time especially during the weekend time proves to be more costly for not only you but also for your guests.

Suppose you have a destination wedding and you want your guests to attend your nuptials at your destination wedding, in this case, for your guests, arriving at your wedding would prove a costly affair.

Your guests have a plan already

Having a weekend holiday wedding, often led you to a situation where you feel that your guests might be pre-occupied with their prior commitments.

In the guest list, there are so many people who work as full-time employees. Therefore they have a limited scope for annual leave, in such cases, they place huge importance on holiday weekends.

Therefore there might be a chance that when you are planning to tie a know at that time they already have booked their weekend somewhere else.

To avoid such confusion, we advise you to mention the time and date of your nuptials in unique designs wedding invitations before sending them to your guests so that they can make their program accordingly.

Higher costs

If you are having holiday weekend planning ideas and if you are planning to have an accommodation book in your desired venue, then we must clear you, the chances of this are quite less. During the time of holiday weekend, the majority of family and friends plan for traveling and thus in this season, hotel bookings go full.

Therefore, for a desired holiday wedding venue, it is required to pre-book your place before time so that you and your guests would get proper lodging during holiday weekend weddings. Make sure you have mentioned everything clearly on your unique designs wedding invitations, so your guests may arrive at the destination easily.

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