Murano Glass: Tasteful and Elegant Wedding Favors

Murano glass lends sophistication and elegance to wedding favors of any design or style. With choices available in a wide range of colors, you'll find Murano glass wedding favors to suit virtually any color scheme or décor. And the abundance of items made of or decorated with this lovely, artistic material will make it easy to choose a keepsake for your guests to suit your sense of style and your budget.

Murano glass place card holders will add a splash of luminescent color to your table, rising a step above the ordinary. They will also make wonderful keepsakes for your guests to take home, where they can be used as a beautiful way to display photos on the mantel or curio shelf. Murano glass place card holders can be purchased in an array of colors, ranging from the bold and bright to muted tones and pastels. Whether you favor hearts, starfish, crosses, butterflies or lovely abstract designs, you're sure to find Murano glass place holders to add just the right touch to your wedding tables.

Bottle stoppers are quite the fashion as wedding favors lately, an upscale and sophisticated choice. Embellished with Murano glass figurines or designs, they are even more elegant and stylish. They can be decorated with translucent and artistic swirl patterns and other abstract designs, or adorned with a variety of figures, such as butterflies, tear drops, crosses, grapes, and hearts among many other options, and colors vary from vibrant shades of red, blue, purple and gold to muted earth tones and pastels.

Fine dishes made of Murano glass make elegant wedding favors. They are available in several lovely patterns, and in a number of shapes and sizes. In lovely tones of gold on one side and an exquisite pebble pattern on the other, the art deco collection of dish favors are distinctive. These include the Murano Art Deco Rectangular Dish, Murano Art Deco Round Dish, Murano Art Deco Wavy Bowl, and Murano Art Deco Oval Dish. Murano glass dishes are also available in an elegant calla lily pattern, set against a bubbled glass background and accented with gold and bronze tones.

Other options among the many Murano glass wedding favors on the market include key chains, wine charms, bottle openers, mirror compacts, and picture frames, as well as candle holders, espresso spoons and serving utensils. And, they are all lovely, no matter their shape or size, the translucent glow of Murano glass making even the most practical or inexpensive items among them artistic and unique.

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