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Warm Wedding Favors for Cold Weather Weddings

The temperature creeps slowly down to sweater and jacket levels, the skies cloud over, daylight recedes at an ever-earlier time each evening, and thoughts of warmth and comfort begin to dominate everyone’s thought process. Are you planning a wedding that will happen during these colder autumn and winter months? Perhaps gifts of warm wedding favors will add some holiday cheer to the occasion, not to mention elicit a smile or two from your guests.

What exactly is a “warm”…


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Asian Wedding Favors To Shower Your Guests With Good Fortune

Offer your guests wedding favors featuring one of the most powerful symbols of good fortune, an elephant with an upturned trunk. Throughout Asia, the elephant is revered, wrapped in myth, legend and religion. The elephant candle holder is decorated in a richly colorful style that calls India to mind, its wise and gentle eyes like those of Ganesh, the elephant-headed god said to represent auspicious beginnings, which is what all hope that each wedding is. Asian wedding favors…


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They'll Remember Your Wedding Again and Again With Wine Wedding Favors

Unfortunately, far too wedding favors many fall into the category of dust-collecting mementos seldom glanced at other than when they are picked up for yet another dusting. The truly great wedding favor is something that is both beautiful and practical, a useful token that makes your guests remember the day of your wedding with a smile each time it is taken to hand. For wine lovers, there are a number of wine wedding favors, as practical as they are lovely.

A cork can be…


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Life's Most Important Ingredient, Flavor It With Love Wedding Favors

A wedding day has a certain sweetness to all its own. Just hearing two people exchange those timeless vows infuses guests with the intensity of the sweetness and promise that flavored their own, an intensity that can be almost overwhelming for a moment. That's why you see so many tears at weddings. A love like that is life's most important ingredient. If it can be blended into what really makes a marriage, the each and every day that follows, added to the everyday things a couple…


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Let the Stars Choose your Wedding Favors

Pay close attention because you can’t get this advice by simply searching a keyword on our website. As summer comes to a close and autumn begins, many folks have reached out to us inquiring about autumn wedding favors. Those you can see easily enough, but what about zodiac wedding favors? There are a select few who choose to have the stars decide which gifts to give to their wedding guests.

Here are a few tips on how to do that:

October Weddings – The…


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Wedding Favors Show Gratitude to Those Who Love You

Why exactly do we give wedding favors to guests and members of the wedding party? Some feel it’s an obligatory custom. Others think it really doesn’t matter, leaving the wedding favors as a last minute item, almost an afterthought. The truth is that this custom of distributing small gifts to those who love you is an act of gratitude. No one actually has to show up to your wedding, though some feel they do, so why not reach out to them with a gift that says “Thank You.”



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Wedding Favors for Candlelight Wedding Ceremonies

There’s nothing quite as romantic as a candlelight wedding ceremony followed by a sit down dinner and some live music. This is the ultimate in formal wedding affairs, an occasion where everything must be absolutely perfect, from the bridal gown to the floral arrangements to the wedding favors for your guests. The band should play music that’s appealing to all, a mix of non-invasive “soft” sounds during the meal to some pick-me-up dance music after dessert.

To do a…


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Everything is Better with Chocolate ... Even Wedding Favors

The therapeutic and physical benefits of chocolate are not a new discovery by any stretch of the imagination. Ancient Aztecs used to give their warriors a “divine drink” made from crushing the seeds of the Theobroma cacao (aka cocoa) tree. This fabulous elixir reputably gave them the ability to walk all day without food. Just think what a candy box wedding favor full of chocolate will do when it comes time for everyone to get on the dance floor. Can you say party?



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Enchant Your Wedding Guests with a Glass Slipper Wedding Favor

Have you heard the story of Rhodopis? Not surprising if you have not. It was written in the 1st Century BC about a beautiful young woman whose sandal is snatched by an eagle while she is bathing. The eagle flies to the capital city, where the king is holding court outside, and drops the sandal in his lap. Moved by the beauty and shape of the mysterious footwear, he sends his soldiers far and wide across the kingdom to find its wearer. Once she is discovered, he makes her his…


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Blue is a Happy Color for Wedding Favors, Themes, and Flowers

People tend to associate the color blue with sadness, but for wedding favors it is definitely a happy color. In fact, blue wedding themes and floral arrangements are considered some of the most stunning and eye catching of all wedding scenarios. Have you seen a bride walking down the aisle in a white dress with a bouquet of fresh cut blue daisies or tinted blue roses? The contrast is…


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Christian Wedding Favors for August Weddings

Though not as well known as Christmas, Easter, Ash Wednesday, and Good Friday, the Feast of Assumption on August 15 is celebrated in most Catholic countries as a Holy Day of Obligation. For Christians getting married in August, the feast, a celebration of the Virgin Mary ascending into heaven, provides another idea for wedding favors and themes. Many Christian August weddings are dedicated to the Madonna. Have you thought about inviting her to your wedding?

There is nothing…


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Unique Wedding Favors for Country Club Weddings

The swing of the club, the feel of the wind in your hair, and the swishing sound of the ball as it cuts the morning air, all are thoughts that go through the minds of your guests when you choose to get married at a country club. For a golfer, there’s no substitute for a quick round of nine holes to start the day. The diehards play eighteen and maybe go back for more in the afternoon. Which are you? Chances are you or your spouse is a golfer if you’re getting married at a country…


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Combining Fashion with Function in Wedding Favors

The original wedding favor was a slice of wedding cake presented in a box or piece of cloth. While this is a nice gesture, it is also a little boring. Today, couples are leaning toward much more interesting—and much more useful—tokens for their wedding guests. The favor that is offered at a wedding is a way for the bride and groom to express their appreciation for their guests sharing their special day and the offering of a memento that will help them to enjoy memories of the celebration for…


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Creating a Bridal Luncheon Theme around Favors

When you are thinking about the luncheon that you will throw for your bridal party a few days before the wedding it is likely that you first started thinking about a theme. Many people have difficulty planning something if they don’t have a concept to build on and will actually choose a theme before even thinking about a location or date. The theme of a bridal luncheon can make a tremendous impact on the overall experience of the luncheon, from where you choose to hold it to the décor that…


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Perfect Blend Favor


A good marriage is the perfect blending of two lives into one beautiful shared experience, and that is exactly what this adorable and unique wedding favor tells the world about you and your partner. Every wedding needs a favor to send home with guests and the one that you choose can say a lot…


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For the Boys


It is easy to only think about the girls when planning a wedding. After all, weddings are about beautiful dresses, flowers, pretty cakes and happily ever after. It is important to remember, however, that a wedding is a special time for the guys, too. They may not be as excited about all of the decorations or the color scheme, and they may not talk about it a…


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Wedding Favors for the Offbeat Wedding

Murano Glass Flip Flop Cheese Board and Knife Set Wedding favors, the gifts that you choose as mementos for your guests, don’t have to be the same old, same old from wedding to wedding. Your wedding is about you, as a couple, and the favors you choose should be, too.


If you’d rather spend your time in the kitchen, preparing a meal for your friends, selecting gourmet olive oil or choosing the perfect accompaniments for each course, you’re a foodie. And, we have the perfect wedding favors for…


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Snowflakes, Holidays and Weddings: Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

Winter Wonderland Wine Stopper Planning your winter wedding offers you a unique panoply of options. From the favors to the flowers to the attire, winter weddings can incorporate your personalities, your backgrounds and your individual tastes easily.

If you start by choosing your wedding colors, you can focus on the winter hues found in nature with pure whites, pine greens and icy blues. These shades bring the elegance and simplicity of earth’s splendor to your wedding. Or, you can select festive shades of…


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Bridal Showers Favors that Will Amaze

Eiffel Tower Curio Box Favors The bridesmaids are the unsung heroes behind a wedding. It is typical that for a bridesmaid to invest a week’s worth of labor and possibly a small sum of cash into her friend’s wedding. On top of that, the bridesmaid has to put up with the stress and drama that inevitably accompany any wedding. It is important to remember the bridesmaids while planning, and most importantly make them feel special and appreciated. Bridal showers favors are a great way to say thank you.



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Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are thank you gifts from the bride and groom to those who attended their nuptials. Historically, only wealthy families gave favors in the form of sugar cubes.

Today, the choices available for wedding favors are endless and often can be overwhelming for the happy couple-to-be. Criteria for choosing your favors can fall into many categories — theme, season, color, location, and personal memento — and all have their merits. By examining each, you will be able to choose a…


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