They'll Remember Your Wedding Again and Again With Wine Wedding Favors

Unfortunately, far too wedding favors many fall into the category of dust-collecting mementos seldom glanced at other than when they are picked up for yet another dusting. The truly great wedding favor is something that is both beautiful and practical, a useful token that makes your guests remember the day of your wedding with a smile each time it is taken to hand. For wine lovers, there are a number of wine wedding favors, as practical as they are lovely.

A cork can be difficult to deal with after it comes out of the bottle, especially if it has been damaged by the corkscrew. In order to keep wine without compromising its quality, the bottle needs to be reclosed tightly. It's a shame to have the rest of a fine bottle of wine go to waste for the lack of a secure and proper way to close the bottle when the cork is damaged during the opening. If you guest list includes a lot of wine drinkers, wine wedding favors are just the right choice.

Your guests that drink wine regularly and those that appreciate finer quality, more costly wines, are sure to enjoy a wine pourer and stopper set. Tastefully designed, the pourer slides into the bottle after it is uncorked, making pouring nice and neat. When it's time to close the bottle, just push the stopper into the pourer. Topped with beautifully swirled Murano glass, the stopper's rubber base forms a tight seal. These are wedding favors that will be admired and used regularly.

The pourer and stopper set comes nicely packaged and prepared for gifting, boxed with a ribbon and a tag. All that's left to do is to write the guest names on the tags and look forward to seeing their pleasure when they unwrap their gifts. There is a wide selection of Murano glass wine wedding favors in numerous colors to choose from. You can choose colors that complement your wedding colors or simply choose by what you find attractive.

Offer your guests wedding favors that won't collect dust for years because a guest feels guilty tossing out a memento of your special day. They'll appreciate the beauty and practicality of wine wedding favors like the swirl design Murano glass wine stopper and pourer set. The memory of your wedding will be a part of each celebration, toast, or special dinner complemented with a bottle of wine that your guests have for years to come.

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