Life's Most Important Ingredient, Flavor It With Love Wedding Favors

A wedding day has a certain sweetness to all its own. Just hearing two people exchange those timeless vows infuses guests with the intensity of the sweetness and promise that flavored their own, an intensity that can be almost overwhelming for a moment. That's why you see so many tears at weddings. A love like that is life's most important ingredient. If it can be blended into what really makes a marriage, the each and every day that follows, added to the everyday things a couple does for each other, that sweetness may never fade. Let your wedding favors be a memento that brings back the flavor of the day.

We've seen a lot of changes in this modern era, especially in marriage. Today, it's something people choose to do, not something expected or required. And, in that light, it's a choice that says a lot about a couple, speaking of their hopes and dreams. Many people getting married today look farther back for their marriage models, not to the marriages that gave rise to what the Wall Street Journal referred to as the “Divorce Generation,” but to those of their grandparents and great-grandparents, married for 50 and 60 years. They are marrying later and with more thought, with forever in mind.

Culture trends reflect this shift in perspective, from the slow food movement to the home office that keeps the action of life centered where it should be, from the rise of the home improvement center to the resurgence of the home garden to wedding favors celebrating the heart of the home. For many, the fast pace we've become accustomed to has lost its appeal. There's a renewed appreciation for the hand-whisked cake, instead of the quick throw-together cake mix, for the omelet with garden-fresh herbs and home-made biscuits, instead of the drive-through breakfast sandwich wolfed in commuter traffic.

People today recognize that spending time is showing love, a lesson many are learning in the kitchen. Wedding favors, like the measuring spoon and whisk set, are a great way to mix the most important ingredient into your wedding day and all those that follow. The heart shaped measuring spoons and whisk with a whimsical heart at its center are just a couple of the kitchen oriented wedding favors you can choose from. Lovely in look and practical in nature, these wedding favors are full of meaning and guests will remember the sweetness of the day, yours and theirs.

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