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Neck Design - Assurance the Diva Look

Saree is the most elegant and traditional dress for every girl. To wear perfect saree, you need to wear a perfect blouse. If the blouse is a designer blouse than you will look so stunning. You can wear one saree with variation, that variation can be created with a designer blouse. if you wear a handloom saree for a casual reason then you can wear a simple blouse. if you wear that saree at any party or special occasion then you can wear a designer blouse. blouse will create a unique and glamorous look. A blouse can make your saree a different one. The blouse is an identification of any kind of blouse. the not only saree blouse can differentiate your lehenga and skirt also. The blouse is the most important element in your garments. You can wear a blouse with lehenga choli, that same blouse you can wear with a saree. In short, if the saree is a human being then the face of the human being is a blouse. if the body of the human being is black no one can understand whose body is this, is the human being is Indian or Chines. After showing the face than any can understand and classify the details about the human being. In this way, it won’t be clear at that time onwards what you are going to wear. After reveling the blouse clear everything. So, blouse creates an important role in the fashion world. Many people spend many amounts of money to make the blouse so perfect and a designer one. Only this is the part that creates differences between two people. And that so obvious that everyone wants to look beautiful and unique. For this reason, women buy a designer blouse and designer garment for every occasion. Many peoples are there who spend almost cores on a designer blouse. 

A blouse gets it is a different look with her design only. Only design can make you a different and unique look in a crowed. And every girl wants to look beautiful. Girls have one characteristic that she does not want to wear that same dress which her friend or sister wears. She wants to create her own style. That was a different thing that some girl copy Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood actress. Because they make their dress with a famous fashion designer. All the girls also want to wear a designer dress too. But in that design the give some twist, that the dress comes in a unique design and also it looks good.  Everyone is not so rich that they can afford much money behind the fashion designer. Spend all the money behind fashion designer it is not that good options. There is one more option available that if you can spend all your money on buy and designing you customize the design for a blouse. with that, you can select what design you want to give. To create a new product. And everyone loves her own creation. You will also enjoy wearing your own creations. That creation will be so special and unique that it will not available in the market. And if you make one more special creation and give you to your special one like your mother, your sister, as a gift then they will also feel so special. And everyone will feel so precious. You can give this designer blouse to them as their birthday and anniversary. Because all girls and women have some weak point for saree, blouse, and jewelry. You can also give this blouse to your friends also, they also feel very happy. But for your mother and sister, you are a special one. And if you create special things for them, so definitely they will feel special. For creating your own style there are few styles available that you can check for your creation. This style is available in the market only you have to do that some twist and turn which give those design more effective and more spices. Not only you or your family members but everyone will enjoy the taste of your design. Check the list and spices up your style that fashion designer feels that one competitor are there to give them competition. Really they feel hard and insecurity to stay in this field. In this way, they will make a good design and everyone will enjoy that creation.

The following designs are:

Simple and Sexy Cut neck design

This neck design is so simple, that you can use this cut in anywhere and everywhere. With a simple saree or heavy work saree, you can wear this blouse. the design of the blouse is so simple. For neck design you can give any design like either “V”- cut, “U”- cut, “C”- cut, square-cut or round cut. All cut will suit in this blouse. if you want to wear this blouse for casual use then you can make this simple. If you like to give some design that you can give some traditional design like a stick, or some figure motive and also you can give a newspaper design or some letter design. This design will not disturb your simpleness.  This design will spice up your style. This type of blouse will look so good with pure handloom and linen saree. You can also add like a saree design some art and craft which will focus on any state culture. You will get this type of design in the boutique. Only there, they made some unique designs. Because in a boutique you can find that the second piece is not available. Because they do not like to keep the second piece. Because their motive is to sell a unique piece to everyone, to create their uniqueness. To feel special everyone. In this way, everyone feels special. If you create your own style this will also come a unique one. Now a day’s teenagers and many other women are preferring this type of blouse. basically, all women want to wear skin soothing, skin-friendly, comfortable also stylist, eye-soothing type of blouse. and also, an elegant design touch that makes the blouse so stylish ones. Many women are preferring fabric print in this type of blouse. this print gives another level to this type of designer blouse. women are fell so comfortable that those women who are working ones, after their office they can attend a party in a very enjoyable mood. Party like friends, relatives or co-workers anniversary or birthday party. With this type of dress, you can wear simple accessories like short earring, simple neckpiece, for hands a simple colorful bangle matching with saree and blouse color. Or you can also wear German silver oxidized jewelry that will also suit this style. If you are attending a party you can wear a nose pin. If you cannot wear that nose pin in the office because you have to wear formal, it is alright you can carry this small thing in your bag. Before going to the party just wear it. For shoe hill, designer hill, ballerina for those who like to wear the cover shoe and little bit hill, they will enjoy this type of shoe. Like this way, your simple, sexy and elegant look will maintain. When eyes will come over you. You will enjoy that attention.

Sweet and Elegant Corporate Look Neck Design blouse

When it comes to corporate look then it must that you have to wear formal at any cost. And also you have to look special. For this, you have given some twist that one side your look should come like a corporate girl and you also look elegant. Right now you are thinking about how this will possible? It is next to impossible. It cannot possible. No, my dear friend trusts me it is possible. You can make you look like this. When we talk for a formal dress then a collar should present in your dress. with a saree how it possible? It is definitely possible. And trust me with this look you can attend your party too after your office. And everyone will appreciate your look. Just follow this design. You will get a completely different look. Set this look for your next day or for a special occasion. The design of this kind of blouse is the neck part of the blouse will come a little bit collar. You can make the collar either in a short format or you can make this collar in a large way. Always make this blouse front open. In the front part, you can put a chain. With this, you will feel comfortable. If you comfortable sleeveless that always makes this type of blouse sleeveless. If you make three quarters or full sleeve then that design will not suit, and you will feel uncomfortable. To add more spices in your style then you can add back design too. That design also suits your fashion segment. Like if you cut your blouse back in a back shape then it will look good. With that round or pot shape, you can add a little stone. If your blouse color red then you can add a white stone or red stone or any dark color stone. Both will look good. You can also add some latkans, that type blouse will perfect for office purposes, you can wear latkans type blouse only at the party. Only there this will suit. If you wear this type of blouse then office rules will break. You are a girl no one will say you anything, but according to our suggestion, you shouldn’t wear this type of blouse.  With this type of blouse, you can wear any kind of saree like linean, handloom, silk or if you want you can also wear traditional type saree. For your accessorie4s you can wear simple accessories like short earring, due to the collar no neckpiece is needed. For hands, if you like to wear in the right hand only you can wear silver Kada or watch and for the left hand, if you are married then according to the rules you have to wear the marriage sign loha or else you can make your hand blank. If you are love to wear a figure then you can wear a simple and short diamond ring one or two. For hair, a top bun is essential for this type of blouse. if you make back design then this type of hairstyle is a must. Otherwise, no one could see your design.

Most traditional Social Neck design Blouse

Social means that the public will gossip for your look, your style your segment. Many aunties are available for this type of gossiping. They love to do that gossiping. Basically, they are so depressed and lonely in their personal life. And also they do not have any work to do. That thing is the best part of their pass time. The design of the blouse is so trendy and heavy work that you cannot wear this type of blouse in a casual way like in-office purpose. This type of blouse is only for special occasions. The design of this type of blouse is so unique and very trendy. You can make this type of blouse in any way like you can make this in an off-shoulder way mean, the blouse will start from the shoulder part. If you make off-shoulder one then always make the sleeve three quarters and little puffy. Then this type of blouse will look so cute. Also, you can make this type of blouse like a crop one that means a blouse design is normal as other blouse but below part of the shoulder will cut a little bit. You can make this type of blouse either three quarter or full sleeve. But do not make this type of blouse sleeveless. Then you did not understand the beauty of the blouse. the other design will create. All these cut looks good with any kind of saree heavy saree, or anything. With this type of blouse, you can use heavy accessories, like a big earring or heavy neckpiece.

In conclusion, if you select proper blouse neck design then you will look like a dive. Maybe you will look like a Bollywood actress. So select your design and shock your dear ones.

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