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The trend of dhoti suits among youngsters

From ancient times dhoti is a traditional wear. In the past time, it is worn by the males. But nowadays it is changed in fashion and now girls are also wearing it. Nowadays girls are wearing dhoti suits more than boys. The trend has been changed and the dhoti can be worn with many different types of upper wear. They can wear them with different…


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Trending Palazzos Suits – Trendy and comfortable

Palazzo pants are trousers that are extremely comfortable to wear for females. These are broad and flare out of knees and hence they move out to the legs with the same width. These are worn high on the waist and look flat. These are not in trend for a few years these found their inception way back in the 1960s. Ever since its inception, it has been a…


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Tips to Look Gracious in Backless Saree Blouse - Select with Perfection

Saree blouse plays a vital role in displaying the girl’s feminine and sensuous look, when they adorn a saree. In India, saree is traditional attire, but fashion designers are coming up with innovative ways to adorn them. A well-cut backless blouse can grab attention.

Blouse designs need to be selected as per the wearer’s personality, taste and…


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Clothing has always been an integral part of women's life. No matter how many outfits she possesses but they always run out of clothes when there is any sort of event. However, it is important to have a mind made up before any sort of event so that any last moment of hustle doesn’t see to appear. There are many sorts of the outfit in recent days…


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Velvet Saree the Smooth Classy and Elegant Look

“It is a velvety touch”- It is true that if you touch the velvet material repeated wisely you want to touch the material again and again. If anyone wears a velvet saree then it gives the royal touch. So basically, it is a royal material. this material is so old material when there is a king in…


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Neck Design - Assurance the Diva Look

Saree is the most elegant and traditional dress for every girl. To wear perfect saree, you need to wear a perfect blouse. If the blouse is a designer blouse than you will look so stunning. You can wear one saree with variation, that variation can be created with a designer blouse. if you wear a handloom saree for a casual reason then you can wear a…


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South Indian Sarees – Ethnic is the new Sexy

Those women are love to wear they can understand their feelings. Traditional sarees synonyms are south India. It is next to impossible that you love to wear saree and, in your wardrobe, there is no traditional saree. It is not an insult to your fashion segment but also insults the saree world too. The designer makes this type of saree for saree…


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The dressing has become one of the important necessities and an essential component of a girl’s life. It has its own finest intricate which make you choose saree over any other outfits. The beauty of the saree evolves more when it is been worn by a bride. Even it is contradictory saying that because a saree makes a lady look beautiful to its…


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Kurtis is one of the most important clothes that are worn around in the country of India. It is an upper garment that is worn with tight-fitting bottoms like jeans on leggings for even loose fitted bottoms like Patiala. You would find thousands of Indians wearing a Kurti if you ever come to visit India. They are comfortable clothes that could be…


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Stylish ways to wear Kurtis

Kurtis might sound like a simple dress to wear but it is not as simple as you may think it to be. You can wear a kurti with any type of bottom you feel like. There is a different style of kurtis which you can choose and they are even more types of style that you can wear your kurti with. Most of them…


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The traditional Bengali Sarees that are worth a try

The Bengalis are known not only for their love for sweets or fish but for their sarees as well. There are different varieties of sarees alone which will be more than all the other varies of sarees from all over India. They are really beautiful and gives an elegant look. You should also try…


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