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The traditional Bengali Sarees that are worth a try

The Bengalis are known not only for their love for sweets or fish but for their sarees as well. There are different varieties of sarees alone which will be more than all the other varies of sarees from all over India. They are really beautiful and gives an elegant look. You should also try out the traditional Bengali sarees. Here are some of the traditional Bengali sarees which you can try out.

Tant Sari

The Tant is the name of another Bengali saree. This is made of cotton. The orange colored Tant saree is a must wear during the winter. This is also considered to be among the best handloom sarees which are available in the variety of Bengali cotton. The orange Tant saree is an example of the beautiful Tant variety. It is very light in weight and here are subtle motif and ornate designs all over the pallu and over the body as well. You can wear this to any casual event or to your work.

Dhaniakhali Cotton Saree

This is a pure cotton saree and must be on your bucket list if you are a lover of cotton sarees. This is a light yellow saree which is designed with reading colored floral motif on the saree. This is a beautiful saree to look at. The border is of golden Noksa which looks elegant and rich when combined with red color. The Dhaniakhali cotton saree, when paired with a red blouse and accessories of contrasting colors, can beat any other styles. You can wear this saree for casual work as well as for any formal event.

Kantha Saree

The Kantha saree is known for its intricate thread work. The best pieces in this design are the sarees with the blue Vintage Kantha work. The saree has a kantha work, which beautifully portrays the world style and its beauty. You saree is so elegant that even a white blouse is going to make you stand out from the rest. A strand of pearls is just going to be the cherry on the cake. This would be one of the best choices for ethnic wear.

Batik Saree

Among all the popular Bengali sarees, the Batik saree is one among them. This saree is an example of fine old art on fabrics. This will give you a taste of the olden days. The print is done using dyes which are wax resistant. It is a combination of bold and bright colors of orange black and white. There is nothing extraordinary in the pleats and are in cream color, yet they look awesome and hugely complement the beautiful design of the saree.

Tussar Silk Saree

This is a silk saree of Seashore which is red and white in color. It is one of the finest varieties of sarees that you will ever see. There is opulence which you can find all over its weave. You can drape the saree in a single pallu or you can make multiple numbers of pleats with it.  The rich design of the chevron style will show on your saree anyway. To get a more stunning look, you can pair it with a white blouse and red accessories. This would be a great choice for festival wear.

Baluchari Sari

The Baluchari Sari is stunning. It is weaved by some of the most skilled artisans. It is made of silk and is generally worn on weddings. The saree pallu has depictions of the mythological scenes from the Indian culture. They are woven with navy blue and golden thread. You can witness the beauty of the Bengali heritage. Golden jewellery suits the best with this saree.

Murshidabad Silk Saree

Murshidabad is a place in West Bengal and the saree is made from in that place. This is a work of pure art. This is made from the Murshidabad Tussar silk which is very iconic. If you are a lover of fine art, then you are certainly going to love this saree. This goes well with a black colored blouse and some accessories to go along with it. The pallu of this saree is also hand painted. You can wear this saree in evening parties, and you will have a few pair of eyes looking at your saree.

Korial Saree

Korial sarees are white in color and the name ‘korial’ meaning spotless. This saree is rich in its weave and opulent as well. The combination of cream and peach makes this silk saree look absolutely stunning. These sarees are ideal for wearing to any wedding occasion or reception. You can pair this with a choker and a contrasting colored blouse. Don’t be surprised if you find a few cameras following you during the wedding.

Phulia Cotton Saree

If you want to know the true beauty of the cotton sarees of Bengal, you must have a look at the Phulia Cotton Saree. These sarees recolored in soothing blue and there are embellishments of dainty floral weavings. You can easily identify this saree piece using the pallu. They completely hug your body which accentuates your curve. You don’t need a designer blouse to pair with it. Instead, a simple blouse will work wonders.

Begumpur Cotton Saree

The black shade of Begumpur cotton saree goes well with pink or orange hues. You will certainly fall in love with this Begumpur cotton saree. There are geometrical patterns and motifs which just adds creativity to the entire design. This saree is ideal for the summer season. You can wear them to your work as well. This is certainly going to gain a few eyes. You will look absolutely stunning in it.

Shantipuri Cotton Saree

This saree is simple and elegant. They are a combination of grey and soothing cream which reflects their true spirit. The Shantipuri cotton sarees are made from fine weave and are very soft and comfortable to wear even in the hot climates. This saree is known by the pallu but is which gives them an elegant look. You can use this saree for everyday wear.


You should definitely try out these sarees as Bengali sarees are famous as they look beautiful on any women who wear it. You should also try out one of the sarees at least.

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