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Trending Palazzos Suits – Trendy and comfortable

Palazzo pants are trousers that are extremely comfortable to wear for females. These are broad and flare out of knees and hence they move out to the legs with the same width. These are worn high on the waist and look flat. These are not in trend for a few years these found their inception way back in the 1960s. Ever since its inception, it has been a popular dress of common women. To go with that it is made even more popular by its enhanced usage in movies. With the emergence of a new era of fashion design and technology, now these Palazzo suits come in several designs and trends. These are well adapted in the form of business suits as well for women. Women always believe that these are far more comfortable than their counterparts and suit them for their household and party wear needs.

History of Palazzos

In the 1950s and 1960s wearing a skirt or short skirt that flaunts the skin was considered inappropriate for women. Even in many societies and religions groups were very strict about the clothing pattern of women. This situation called for a revolution and it resulted in this product. Some forward-looking designers who were willing to solve this issue came with this winning product. It is a combination of skirts and a pant. It is comfortable and airy as a skirt and stitched as pants. To go with that it covers entire legs of women hence it left no reason for any opposition.   


Fashion turned regular stuff

These come in numerous variants hence it becomes easy for the users to choose the design and fitting they want to but as per the requirement. And its use is not confined to any particular segment of the society or the age group. It is equally popular amongst the majority of women. Its prominence has been the prime reason for the extent of manufacturing of these pant textile owners have undertaken in the last few decades. Now a day’s one can see that the local market is flooded with these palazzo pants. Even the high-end party wear ethnic dresses come with palazzos more often than not. Earlier it was considered to be a retro-looking dress but its popularity and extent of use have made it a household affair.

Basic reasons to wear Palazzos

There can be innumerable reasons why a woman would want to wear these pants but in this article, we are going to enumerate two of the prime reasons behinds its success and popularity.

  • Convenience and for all seasons

 These pants are light in weight and are comfortable to wear. These are not tight and fitted with the skin which increases the convenience and comfort. This is the reason why these are as popular as women like to wear it while doing their household activities as well. Apart from this, these are extremely convenient to wear in summers. When the temperature rises beyond a tolerable point then it calls for comfortable clothing. During summers one needs lightweight clothing and it provides the same luxury with hell lot of designs and affordability for all.

  • Inspiration from celebrity styling

 Even since it is in vogue, these pants were widely used in movies. And it was a point to talk about for the audience. The clothing sense of actress makes a huge impact on the market and the scenario was not at all different 40 years ago. At that point and time, it was a sensation and a new kind of stuff for people. It is a common notion that everyone wants to look fashionable and women are much foot ahead in this from man. So the best way remains is to follow the fashion from movies. And this has become one of the pillar stone reasons for the adoption of palazzo suits. These Palazzo suits are well flaunted from the movies dated back to the 1960s to date. The difference is that now a buyer has lots of variety and designs to choose from. These look elegant and come is various styling alternatives that are well promoted by brands and endorsements by actresses.

Features of Palazzo suits

  • These suits come in various designs. They come in two-piece suits wherein once can use a multicolor Dupatta and in all in one three-piece suit set.
  • The designers have thought a lot about how it would get tacked on the waist. And this is why you get to see palazzos with elastic on the waist and some with button and hook as well. In a professional kind of palazzo suit, you get a button and in a comfy kind, you would get elastic which makes it easy to use as sleepwear.
  • Their main feature is that thee come in a straight fit. Their width is the same from top to bottom. These come in loose-fitting and enable women to hide body shape.
  • These are easy to match with all kinds of Kurtis and this makes it a perfect product for women.
  • Some palazzo suits come with lacework which makes it look more trendy and ethnic at times.

Kinds of fabric for Palazzo

These come in a wide variety of fabrics. You name the fabric and you can find a palazzo of that fabric in the market. These are pants of skirt style effect hence these are made usually from flowing fabrics. Some of the most common fabric is the silk of many types like crape silk, rayon, spun, etc. even some designers use cotton to make these but that is mostly used to give it a professional look.


It is no brainer that the extent of use and success of palazzo suits are because of several reasons. The best part remain is that it suits the need of women of all age groups and body shapes. There is no doubt that movies and celebrities have played an instrumental role in making it a huge hit. But one can never deny the comfort it provides to the users. So with so many features and styling, it becomes a perfect product for women to go for.



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