Questions to Answer When Considering Renting

“I heard she paid less than a  $1,000 for it….”

“I heard it’s designer, where did she get it from?”

Is that a designer gown, where did you get it?

When it comes to getting more bang for your buck, choosing to rent your gown is the most efficient way of achieving it.

When weighing out the options, here is what to consider:

1. If you place one more dress into your closet, will your shelving units collapse?

Fiber McGee & Molly know times get tough when space is scarce!

Fiber McGee & Molly know times get tough when space is scarce!

2.Do you have the time and resources to maintain your wedding gown?

Take the maintenance out of your wedding. | Rent with Get The Gown

3. Are you having a bridal shower? With many wedding & bridal shower gifts consuming space,  what will there REALLY be room for?

Showered with gifts at your Bridal Shower?

Showered with gifts at your Bridal Shower?

4. Will you truly want to wear the dress again for any other occasion?

Daria Canale, from Huntington Valley, Pa. makes the most of her dress, make the most out of your dollars!

Any occasion, take fishing for example.

5. What else can your thousands be spent on?

Rent with Get The Gown today & book your honeymoon tomorrow!

Tulum, anyone?

6. Do you reflect on your mother’s gown as something you would wear? Will you want your daughter wearing yours?

Discover tips on dodging this bullet, then head over to to rent your gown!

7. Can you rent the same designer you desire buying?(The answer is yes! Get The Gown makes renting wedding dresses as easy as 1, 2, 3!)

Romona Keveza Available to Rent at <a href=

Jessica Craig in Romona Keveza RK931 for Get The Gown

Take it all in and consider the functionality of bridal fashion rental and just how it would open your wedding day budget. Nothing could be any better for the sake of your closet and wallet! Think practicality Bride-to-Be!

Visit GTG at for your Bridal Fashion needs!

Get The Gown is the nation’s leading online destination for renting high-end designer bridal fashion. We feature an exclusive collection of wedding dresses and accessories with rentals up to 90% off retail.

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