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Top 3 Reasons to Get a Reception Dress

Many brides are leery about missing an opportunity to wear their huge wedding gown on the only night you have the excuse to do it. That's technically true; very few people have the chance to dress so nice on the regular, but sometimes we get lost while admiring the sparkle and tulle and forget that these are not the most practical pieces. Few wedding dresses are made with comfort as the #1 priority. The truth is these gowns are…


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The Winter Brides’ Guide to Planning

The winter season is unlike any other; with time off to spend with family and to enjoy traditions and good company, Tis the Season to Visit Get The Gown

many newlyweds live to plan their big day during this time. The romance (and availability) in the winter season is incomparable to all others so planning will have more ups than downs. But …


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Questions to Answer When Considering Renting

“I heard she paid less than a  $1,000 for it….”

“I heard it’s designer, where did she get it from?”

Is that a designer gown, where did you get it?

When it comes to getting more …


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S/S ’15 Bridal Footwear

Shoes are definitely one of the most important items in a women’s wardrobe, if not the most important. Heels in particular, are fashion’s most provocative accessory.

If a woman isn’t happy with the shoes, she won’t be happy with her outfit. The right shoes can truly pull an entire outfit together.

BOHO Bride

Just when you thought weddings couldn’t get any more casual than they already have, one of the…


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Everyone Loves a Good Proposal Story!

Cover for Engaged: A collection of Proposal Stories

Life is filled with many precious moments:

The moment you know you are about to become engaged, the moment he is dropping to his knee and you see him going down in the slowest movie-style motion, the moment you have to fake a surprised reaction (or not) because you may or may not have been checking all of his receipts! Mrs. …


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5 Tips to Becoming the Stress-Free Bride you have been Dreaming of!

If you find yourself fighting to fall asleep every night during the months leading up to your wedding date, you aren’t alone! Stop counting wedding cake tiers to doze off, run your days a little more stress-free to rid sleep-less nights and high blood pressure.  Keeping these simple tips and facts in mind can create a more productive planning process for you and your bridal party!


1.)   Certain foods can boost…


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Jolie Sets New Wedding Trend

As the world awaits for all the photos of Brangelina’s stealthy secret-ops wedding, one thing is for sure: a mass of newly engaged women will want Angelina’s style, designer (Luigi Massi of Atelier Versace), and her crafty wedding innovation. .

If you haven’t heard about her wedding ensemble, her veil and parts of her train are imprinted with all of her six children’s artwork! It is a “Mommy’s…


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Convenient: right? I have a baby bump arriving before my wedding date!

In front of you sits an email from none other than The Knot letting you know your big day is just 2 months away. You know this of course, and you also know what else is starting to become big. Either it is a baby bump or an extra pound from stress eating.

You must know immediately because your…


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Convenient: right? A GTG Series on the Everyday Bride

Get the Gown is about convenience, ease, and options. Get to know GTG more in our “Convenient: right?” blog series 

There are three types of brides in the world today:

1.)   Those who have an undeniable tactful skill…


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GTG puts a halt to the Bridezilla era

The Collins Online English Dictionary recently added "Bridezilla" to their collection of words, most considered slang to the everyday individual. The term inched its way into a more reputable source, The Oxford Dictionary. Giving a foundation to the term they define it as: …


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Get The Gown Makes it Easy for Every Bride!

For every bride, the dress plays a starring role for her wedding. But we all know that, as important as the dress is, buying a new dress can tie up a chunk of the couple’s wedding budget. With Get The Gown, you get the option to rent stunning high-end wedding dresses without draining your entire wedding budget. Even if you are a bride that is not constrained by a budget, you can still find many reasons as to why the trend of renting a…


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